[Dev Blog] - Desktop Tuesday, The Continuing Saga of Day/Night Cycle


and now, for a question…

Lots more smarts in the sleep behavior. Citizens should look for a bed
when they’re sleepy, and if they find one run over to it and sleep in
it. Right now they just conk out on the ground.

we know the units operate on a motivation system, and one action will outweigh another (in this case, wanting to sleep will outweigh the units current task)…

im curious though, will we have an option to set a “preference” for when a unit sleeps, in order to have night watchmen/guards patrolling our grounds, while the worker bees are fast asleep?

i imagine thats the intention, but wasnt sure of what you envisioned for the player control, as you are wanting to avoid micro management (for most mechanics)…

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I didn’t think of this during the streams but I think that the Sun and moon need to change position on the ‘clock’. The :sun_with_face: sun should be on the top half during the day and the :crescent_moon: moon during the night. If this were done then the movement of the sun would parallel it’s movement through the sky and make much more visual sense. The sun/moon could move behind the clock when in the lower half of the clock instead of the upper half.


you might want to take a look at the discussion from this thread, as there are counter arguments to this (although, i find myself leaning towards the same opinion)…

Um… Don’t know why, but I always imagine a poor settler running through the city because it’s nighttime, searching for his bed, and then, when he founds it it’s occupied by another settler. And then he falls asleep on the ground because it’s too much late.
I don’t know whether to laugh or to feel sad.

Well, I must admit that you can be really dark sometimes @Relyss … really, really dark.


:laughing: But I hide it behind a bunch of plushies and puppies, I’m a ninja cat…


If settlers have names and personallities. shouldn’t they have their own house and there for own bed ?
That would make more sense, then just using a random bed, i think :smile:


I agree I hope everyone goes to THEIR own bed and not to just find the closest bed,I also hope that you can have some guards stay up and watch the walls or on the other hand launch attacks at night without your whole army running back home to the nearest bed.

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you’re assuming that the player has decided to spend the necessary resources on providing beds for each of their units… :wink:

I’m more worried about keeping guardsmen up during the night hours. Can we assign rotating shifts for picket duty? Will we still have people on the walls when it’s dark out and the goblins prowl?! Inquiring minds want to know!

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indeed they do!

which is why i asked above… :stuck_out_tongue:

See, if everyone just rushes for the closest bed, it becomes an issue much like SimCity’s traffic problems. That game also had it where they would take the closest jobs… So basically, you had a new job and a new wife and a new neighboorhood every single day…

Anyway, the answers will be revealed in time… or something along those lines.

OR! people wake up when the city is under attack? dont know about you but if my city was being attacked i would be awake :S

To arms minute men!!!

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that’s certainly a possibility… but we have to have a night watch… i mean, look how cozy he is!

The biggest problem I see with this scenario is the glaringly obvious CIRCLE in the picture. The CIRCLE is really chapping my khakis. Because it’s a CIRCLE.

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im sure it was just a quick photoshop mockup… and i have little doubt, the circle came about something like this…

Tony: “Hey, Tom! We’re editing the scene showing the wall removal
portion. Can we add a little more ‘life’ here?”

Tom: “Sure! Just give me 10 minutes, and I can model a fitting sleep
bubble in qubicle.”

Tony: “No time! Just grab the scene, dump it in photoshop and drop in
some filler art.”

Tom: “But that will crush my creative spirit! Plus, I think a baby
kitten might die as a result of said crushing!”

Tony: “Make it so!”

i’m paraphrasing of course…


but CIRRCELEEEEEES11!1!!11!1!

@ManOfRet Now that you are mentioning it… take a look on the time in the most recent screenshot:



simple solution there is have night watchmen as a class and they have reversed cycles :slight_smile: