Work times, and Guard Shifts

So far we know that there is night and day with a corresponding sleep cycle, now my question is, will you be able to set things like work hours and routes that guards can walk. Or will these be preset ( Work from 8:00 am - 10:00 pm ) or can you set it so that you have your Leather Workers (or equivalent) working only by day while your hunters/foragers work at night. Also will it be possible to set routes for guards to walk or will they just patrol (I don’t feel safe if all my townies are sleeping with out guards posted).


@Tom answered this in the comments to [url]this Desktop Tuesday [/url].

Yes! We will most likely implement a day and night shift. If we do it
right, your villagers will naturally set up their own day and night
shifts, but if you want to get in there an manage things manually you
will be able to.

As for guard routes, I can’t remember if it’s been answered, but it makes sesne to have and as such I would imagine it will be in the game :smile:

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regarding patrol routes, it looks like this was answered in the very early [AMA][1]:

“Well, we don’t want the player to have to micro-manage most units.
You sort of give the orders and your settlers figure out how to
implement your plans. For combat units, where you do exert more
control, we will have the pathing options you would expect in an RTS:
waypoints, patrol, etc.”

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[1]: Reddit - Dive into anything

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Granted this is unrelated to the OP, but it seems like the best place to put it…

What I’d like to see for the military is some sort of proper work shifts & patrols. Suppose we had something like this in the Manage Squads UI:

Squad: The Randomly Named
Members: Tom, Joe, Bob, Fred, [Empty]
Patrol: Town / Wall_1 / Wall_2 / Wall_3 / Wall_4
Shift: Day / Night / Emergency

So, all the members in this squad will deliberately opt to sleep during the day so as to be active during the night for their shift. They will guard the zone the player mapped out & called “Wall_3” during this shift. Squad members will not be allowed to sleep during their shift, even if this makes them really miserable because they’re narcoleptics or whatever.

Final note: the “emergency” shift is for, well, emergencies. Say the goblins have broken through & are rampaging through your town: call out the squads on emergency shift. Emergency shift squads will probably be made of craftsmen and act like militia (well, unless you’ve so big an army you can afford to keep a real trained squad as backup). Calling them out will also wake them up if they’re asleep.



I believe this was mentioned either in a comment, or live stream, or dev blog somewhere, about how there would be patrol routes or something similar. Plus with the “manage squads” button the UI I’m sure we’ll see something similar to this.

Also I’ll merge you over to the relevant thread, which will actually put it back on topic :smiley:

i was thinking in addition to whats on the party commands is a stand guard command as well so you can have footmen holding a entrance and attacks anything that comes close but still will go eat and sleep. this will be useful for the archers when the are implemented because then we can just build a tower or a bunker for them to sit in nearly 24/7 and they can watch over everything and no need for them to patrol.

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I’m pretty sure we will have a guard function/ ability for squads eventually @shiva_chirr. I’ve merged you into here to continue the discussion if need be :slight_smile:

Yes, settable guard routes are a must. Particularly in walled off camps. I don’t need my 4 guards to patrol around the inside of the camp, but just outside the camp walls makes much more sense.

Half the time when goblins show up, my guards are so far back in the camp that they’re the last ones to get to the fight.

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In survival, it appears that the footmen want to all sleep at the same time. Have something akin tot he party screen where a footman can be designated for day or night patrols. Day patrols, they will act like the rest of the hearthlings. Night patrols, they sleep during the day, and follow their patrol routes at night. Also, have a sort of waypoint system of sorts, where a patrol route for specific footmen can be set?

I think that’s the plan (eventually). There’s some old discussions about this in fact:

It took 2 years but a thread was finally merged with this one…