--Doors not Beds--

So I had a thought.
Instead of assigning a bed to a particular character, why not assign doors to particular characters.
It would work like this, I build a shop for the blacksmith. The blacksmiths shop has two rooms, the front area allows everyone to enter and exit because the door is left unlocked. But I could give the key for the back bedroom to the blacksmith. That way only he can get into the back room.

If I want multiple characters to be allowed through a door I would hand out multiple “keys” to the door. It seems more “real” if you made the game work this way.

I did a gameplay video demonstrate how this would work.

Also Im getting a lot of people saying that this is more work. Its not. Currently you have to click on one person and then assign them a bed. That would count as one action. It would take the exact same number of actions to assign a bed as it would to assign a door.


Well, why not assign both a bed and a door to particular characters?


That seems like it would require to much micromanagement. I mean, what if your workers have to go through that building? then you have to hand out keys to all of them. And then if you get a new worker, you would have to hand out a key to him. I don’t think the developers want you to have to deal with things like who can go into what door.
Its a cool idea, but I personally don’t want to be bothered with small things like that.

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It’s no more micromanaging then assigning beds to particular characters as the current system works.
If you want to door to remain unlocked then you don’t give anybody any keys. Doors are assigned to people in real life beds aren’t so much. If you go to a hotel you get a keycard for the door, not the bed.

@ManOfRet If there was only one bed per bedroom you would not have to. I guess you still could for things like bunkhouses. For the most part though I think having assignable doors would be a very useful feature.

But why not allow certain people to go into a door? it seems like there isn’t much point in that because when would you only want one person in a house? I think that villagers won’t just be walking around in random houses if they are idling, they will be doing the “idle animations” that Tom has mentioned in the past.

I think I’m in agreement with @TheThunderOne; it’s a bit unnecessary. Why would your villagers be in his back room anyway? And if they were, why would you care? It does just seem like a lot of faff and micromanagement if I’m honest.

Why assign one person to a bed? If we’re truly looking for “pure functionality” why not let people sleep in whatever bed they like?
Because that defeats the purpose of a simulator. Some people will want to give each person there own space. (Like in ‘The Sims’)

Again were already micromanaging “BED” why not change that to “DOORS” its the exact same level of micromanaging its just on an object that is more logical. Doors have keys. Nothing prevents some hobo from sleeping in your bed except your door.

I think I’m just going agree to disagree on this one. You can certainly mod it in if you think it would make the gameplay better. That’s why this game will be so cool. If you decide that the developers made a dumb choice, you can add it yourself.

Except that your bed is assigned to you…? I thought beds being assigned to you was more a way of keeping tabs on population and that they all have a place to sleep and don’t just have ‘rotors’ as such for who sleeps in the same bed at which time of day. Of course @Geoffers747 or @SteveAdamo have a library of knowledge by now and can surely assist my floundering, but I’m pretty sure assigning people to beds serves a purpose.

It prevents one person from sleeping in another persons house. Thats all it does. If a character doesn’t have a bed nearby he will sleep on the floor. I remember him saying this in some video. Thats why I think doors would make just a tiny little bit of sense. Because doors really do exactly what I’m proposing they do.

Good concept… but you do know that you yourself don’t assign the beds right? They’re assigned when a person finds it and sleeps in it. They don’t go to other peoples beds unless the character is either dead, or has not slept in it in a x amount of time. So really you won’t have to worry about people sleeping in one-another’s beds. Just hope that the wrong person isn’t there when you first put the bed down (Best make the houses then add the extensions). Information gathered from live streams


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I knew there was a sensible reason behind my gabbling…

Um, the devs have said you could assign beds.

There is one problem with the door concept though. For city defence, military personel should be able to walk through any civilian door. Just incase there is an ork inside.

Yes but it isn’t as micromanaging as he thought it was being that they do it themselves, the options always there though.

So how do you keep marauders out of your bedroom? You certainly can’t “lock the bed to keep them out”.
I’m sort of at a loss to see what is “bad” about lockable doors. Is my castle supposed to just be open all the time? where’s the safety or tactics in that?

It’s called city walls and militas/armies…?

I mean, it’s not like they can’t break down doors either.

“I want murder holes at every door.” - Me 2013

Not the concept, but your explaination. You said that once you give a key to a person that door is locked to all other people. What you didn’t say is how the door is locked. I assumed you meant it is locked by convention, like children putting a “keep out” sign on their door. If you actually meant the door is physically locked I didn’t catch that.

And, if by convention, military units should ignore that convention.

This is not like the gate to your wall. It should be locked unless you the player opens it. Military units should not break down doors on their whim. If an ork cut a hole into a house and was “behind” a physically locked door the unit should exit the house and attack through the hole in the wall. Assuming the locked door should hold the ork long enough to get into position.

Interesting idea @CowForCow. My understanding at the moment is similar to what @Naturalnuke mentioned. Your settlers will “claim” their own bed and the devs are thinking about an option to (re-)assign them as kind of a micromanagement.

For me the question is, what would we gain if we are able to assign doors? In a workshop, this would mean that the crafter has to take care of all the resource transportation by himself (otherwise you need to leave the doors public, so all workers can bring resources and take the goods to a storage). On the other hand your crafter would require access to all storages, etc. Another example could be furniture. If you want to furbish your house, you would need again allow access to all workers (as you might not know who is picking up this picture to hang it on the wall), and maybe later on change the access-rights again. That sounds like a lot of work for the player and you would need to do it properly, otherwise your production, etc. will simply not work. I do not see the added value of that.

In case you have beds assigned, other workers will have no reason (AI) to enter such a room… other than if you want to change the interior and you have ordered them to add or remove something. Hostile NPCs might be locked out by default from houses and need to destroy first the door, prior entering… this does not require a key-system I guess.

So while a nice idea, I am not sure if it would bring additional fun to the game.