Inn or Individual Housing?

First of all let me say I love this game to bits. I wish I had supported the KS, and I’m sad my hearthlings will never have dogs or cats as they such basic creatures!

But anyway !
My really question here is literally, aside from the creative aspect, what’s the point of making houses? I would do it if there was an assignment system but so far I find it just easier to create an ugly inn as my hearthlings are so slow when starting out. What do you guys do?

Well if you dump the RP side, you can absolutely build a big Inn and place every bed you need in.
If you want to have a beautiful city, try to make different houses so that they’ll sleep wherever they want and whenever :slightly_smiling:

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It’s just that buildings are so broken right now I fear making more. Last night I had one house built and they just wouldn’t finish the roof, and scaffolding was seen in one wall. It was so frustrating, I restarted six times! Ugh.

I love the idea of housing but I wish it’d assign one to someone as like, I’d like to know the carpenter etc is using the bed by his workshop! It would make me so happy if he did haha.

Automatic assign would not be a good idea but manual would be a great :slightly_smiling:
But I thought the construction bugs were solved… what’s your version ?

I have just the most recent I believe, x64 bit ver I think or something. Anyway! Yeah I had so many issues last night all at once. My people weren’t collecting, they’d get stuck on the roofs and funnily some are spawning way out in the woods where they get attacked right away by something haha. One enemy even spawned on top of a tree last night and caused and endless loop of battle music until I quit and restarted.
For the roof issue I had to manually build some ladders, and then the other thing was just getting them to finish buildings in general.
It was all a mess haha x

I really think an automatic assigning system could be great if we could manually edit it at the same time!

You can use the console to build or get rid of stuff.

press " strg(ctrl) + c " to open the console
and there tsype in “ib” for instant build
and “destroy” for destroying objects like scaffolding
(everything without the “”)
But save before you do it … really SAVE YOUR GAME.
It hurts when you destroy something that you did not want to destroy.


totally off topic but, welcome to the discourse! :slightly_smiling:

Thanks Spag

I’m happy not opening the console as I worry I’d break it more haha.
The other idea of instantly sounds like it takes some challenge out of the game and I like challenges!

Thank you though! Just kinda looking for reasons people would build housing etc (aside from the nice looks) if an inn is more efficient?

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Oh … some people could build their houses with adding ladders, manually.
Try that if you do not want to “cheat” :wink:

Hmm. Hoping for a bit more input, thanks though. :disappointed_relieved:
Also, I don’t consider anything in this game to be cheating as it’s just a game, it’s just that instabuilding is not for me.

:confused: Welp.
Haha I’ve tried to finally build a double house with a little patio I’d finish later, and it’s just not completing.
They’ve got nothing going on besides the occasional farming and yet, I’ve restarted the game twice and nothing. They’re just standing around haha. I’ve checked the walls by it and it’s not blocking anything, just to be sure i’ve put ladders in front and nothing, they just don’t want to complete it. The roof should only take 4 stone which I have, so not sure why building is broken for me.

Oh wow. Okay. So, I told them to remove the building - and they started building it.
It showed me some error script thing, then like, I paused it, confused, and they started to remove it when I clicked Build again.

Oh wow.
I have no idea.

Sometimes a direct route to the inside of the 2nd floor helps in building. What I mean is making a ladder right up to the door, centered. Even if they can technically reach through scaffolding. Ladder placement is your friend in most instances. It is a matter of figuring out where to place them in order to get them working again. Some times it can be as simple as placing a direct access via ladder as mentioned, and sometimes not.

At least from what I have seen them build in my RC town.

Beyond creativity for buildings, I actually utilize groupings. Sure it may sound like it is for aesthetics, but really I designate a building for a purpose, most of the time, like my potters place in my current one. That place has both the potter and mason in one building on the first floor with a section off to the side that holds chests full of the materials needed for crafting.

So reasons to build to keep things organized I guess. and certain crafting things close to their respective materials. I make a lot of warehouses. Don’t have one for the potty/mason, but that is because their warehouse is already there inside their building off to the side. Not to mention the second floor is an outside Cafe of sorts on half and bedding on the second half inside.

I plan to have my farming area near a warehouse and another building to have cook. Could combine the two, but the purpose is to have them close to where the resource is. Groups.

I already have my weaver & herbalist near each other with their own warehouse, and have the smith near a place I would like to mine with a equipment storage building next to it.

So basically 2 reasons; Organization, and grouping by proximity. Doesn’t have to be anything fancy, although I kind of get carried away with that…

As for beds I plan to have houses here and there all around town, so they will not have to walk so far for a bed. Sometimes they sleep on the group from exhaustion. Don’t have enough beds I guess, so I always try to have as many beds laid out equal to the head count, in the very least. But the way I do it is to speckle it around the town and various ends of the town.

You might think my town is huge, but really it is not, it is actually pretty somewhat compact I guess I could call it.

As to dining, well I have that dining area on the 2nd floor of my potty/mason, yes… However I do the same with that that I do with the beds. Having a small container that holds food nearby if it is only a single table with chairs, and larger stock at the main dining areas. Although I only have one major and the rest are part of the housing for the most part. I also speckle those smallest container for food around the place here and there so they obviously don’t have to walk far to get food and go to the nearest empty chair.

Funny though that I don’t have enough chairs & tables laid out just yet, just like the beds… work in progress.

However my point is that I build with a somewhat function in mind, with a side of creativity here and there. And using logical sense on grouping and organizing things. Granted everything is mostly centralized, but apart enough to make a difference in efficiency. I have 20 mouths to feed after all, and that is all I will ever have for the time being…

Hope that gives insight on a couple ways to go about building in a pseudo function way.

Storehouse is mainly to keep things indoors, as things don’t usually spawn inside, and that makes thieves more tricky to path to. Not that I have to worry about that since I am at eternal peace with the goblins…

A wall is only truly good if you are not already in an area with one entrance or a funnel. Yes funnel as in where the enemies would go through to get to you, or I guess a choke point. So on plains surrounding yourself with walls can help, but the same can sort of be done with fences at the moment. I have a habit of building on plateaus… So I haven’t much use for walls, but might make something similar for my creative part.

Basically the less walking a hearthling has to do to do their job the quicker they will do it. Well in quite a few instances. So Function with pathing in consideration.

I don’t really build buildings at all until very late game when there’s nothing else left to do and I’m at population cap. My guys sleep under the stars at night on beds I put on the ground outside. It takes so much time to build even a single building that it’s much better for me to simply have my workers hauling resources and building up my economy. Otherwise, I feel that my town won’t grow fast enough with the daily updates, and I won’t be able to equip my footmen well enough to deal with threats. Plus I need my carpenter churning out crates for storage, beds for sleeping, and chairs for eating, and can’t really divert him to do a whole lot of windows and doors and such until much later in the game. I actually feel my town is safer without buildings than with, just because I’m able to tech up faster and build my population faster.

I like the idea of buildings, but right now there’s not enough incentive for me to make any.

i start with small buildings with my hearthies sleeping in beds outside the first 2 nights. usualy i start with small 10x14 houses for my crafters, having 2 beds, 2 dressers, a brazier + decoration and some space for 2 chests + working area right outside of the door.
after those are finished i build larger building holding beds and dining tables. for example i have two atm, one having 12 beds and same number of spots for my hearthling to sit on a table for better eating, the other one having 14 beds. i’m considiring razing both and constructing a real inn. but i’ll wait for the improved constructing, so i can make something more complicated.

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I’m the exact opposite! I build my big 10 + 4 bed hostel first before I move onto small buildings with 1 or 2 beds. This lets me house all my beginning hearthlings within 1 or 2 days and slowly build better and better houses as I gain hearthlings.

My town sort of has a “class” system. So the poorer/lower town I usually start working on first as we start out with limited skills and resources. I don’t have to worry about fancy layout, rooms and decor so the buildings build pretty fast. Like the hostel I mentioned, it’s a two storey square buildling with the bottom floor just 10 beds out in the open and generic crates.for storage The upper floor houses a step up with actual room, some decor and chests with locks.

I hate destroying building so I try to have a semi-plan so as to not destroy the less luxurious buildings, hence the “class” system.

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Right now I’m have troubles just building the plans now, it’s stating it has errors with placing walls and won’t put any foundation. Saw the newest dev blog post, really hope they can fix it asap. :unamused: I really just want to play! :sleepy:

you have to place the foundation yourself. sometimes it switches over to slabs when undoing and stuff.

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Nah, its not that. Its giving me those big red errors and not letting me place anything, its all invisible. I gave up for tonight, that file was crazy annoying :disappointed_relieved:

The best way to take care of this for now is to open the console (ctrl+c), select the scaffolding (NOT THE BUILDING, and type in the console “destroy”. It will get rid of it for you.

Depending on your design, some tiems you have to add ladders yourself before they’ll continue the building. I have a storage building with weird shaped walls to it, and I have to place ladders a lot towards the end or they leave it.

I’m running the latest alpha versions and still have these issues, FYI.