Housing/Bedding Assignments

so playing this game and playing quite a few other games “kinda” like it; i noticed that there is no real rhyme or reason to where people sleep. where as other games you can assign beds or the game automatically assigns people to houses. considering the sandboxing of this game and how much potential it has to be able to do great things i think it would be a REALLY GREAT idea to incorporate Housing/Bedding Assignments…

think about it…

the sims 3 you can assign people beds so that you dont have your adults sleeping in little timmy’s single size kid bed.

banished assigns people to houses as the population grows and makes families.

in games like skyrim the blacksmith and other merchants LIVE in their shop.

for an example: earlier i started a game and wanted to try and make my carpenter his own little house/workshop. i did this by simply making a little shack for him and putting a fence around the front with his work bench inside the gate. it would of worked out great if only i could assign him to that house or that bed… or both! instead i had Mr.T coming in and sleeping on his bed like he owned the place every other night… and Raven was there so often that i felt like she should of been paying him rent or doing him personal favors…

just an idea… im sure i can come up with more =D

btw you guys are doing a great job… a lot of amusing happenings in this game


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