Sleeping habits

Why do the Hearthlings sleep what seems to be exactly 1/4 the night, wake up and perform one (maybe two) tasks, then go back to sleep? Not that I’m complaining, an extra task being completed here and there is nice, but still…

I have noticed this behaviour too. Mostly on the carpenter and weaver. They go to bed and sleep a little before anyone else. They then wake up and perform one or two tasks before going back to sleep. Quite curious.

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Apparently this is actually how people slept before electric lights were invented! Biphasic and polyphasic sleep - Wikipedia

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I knew about segmented sleeping (though I couldn’t pull the word out of my head at the time of this writing), and while it is definitely a thing, the Hearthlings don’t follow segmented sleeping habits at all. There are no naps throughout the day, and they generally only sleep twice during the night. I also notice they wake up waaaay before the break of dawn. The sleeping habits for Hearthlings needs to be overhauled at some point. This isn’t game breaking, but something to eventually consider.

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Well the short naps are probably best, seeing as how it’s possible for attacks to occur at night. What’s funny is if an attack does happen, hearthlings almost always go to sleep right after the fight’s over, and depending on when that is, it can seriously mess up their sleep schedule, and thus they take longer naps during the day.


The sleeping twice is a bug that I fixed while overhauling sleeping. The fix is in Alpha 11 – the change is that hearthlings will wake up closer to dawn and their stamina attribute affects how long they need to sleep. (So higher stamina people will go to sleep later).


Some just tend to need more rest than others… zzzzzz…


i feel like that was directed towards me… :joy:


Speaking of sleeping, does anybody know where the snooze button is on this rooster?