[Mod] Playable Goblins v0.0 (Not downloadable yet)

Hello, thought i’d make a post on what i am currently trying to do to hopefully get some feedback on what i should do / add.

DISCLAIMER: this is not available for download yet. Be it on steam or here

So the mod I am currently making is a playable goblin mod that adds in a new kingdom called “The Goblin Horde”. This is essential a bare-bones re-skin currently as all I’ve done so far is made custom hearthlings that are using the goblin models and a mix between the goblin and human rigs.

New Kingdom: “The Goblin Horde” (bare-bones right now)
New Biome: “Swamp” (still adjusting generation)

Goblins prefer the swamp biome.

though this mixing rig system solves many problems with the models incompatibility with the hearthlings, it still has some major flaws such as during conversations and hearthling related animations the jaws & ears might disconnect as they have no keyframes in these animations.

I’m kinda stuck on what to do next, so if anyone has any ideas feel free to post them here. :grinning:


Make a giant soup kettle for the goblin cook :p?

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do you mean as a workstation?:thinking: that might look really nice :p.

yep, as a workstation :slight_smile:
possibly make it so big you need to put a ladder up to the side :stuck_out_tongue:

Ohhhh like that concept art on the stream / devblogs!

kinda like that, yes, you could even give them a custom recipe for making food in bulk (multiple ingredients, multiple output meals)

Goblins… It seems we have competition @Fornjotr ~

Welcome to Discourse @Kdron :wave::smiley:!

Great to have another modder in the community. Can’t wait to see what direction you will be going for this mod :slightly_smiling_face:!


Were you guys also working on goblins? (lol at double norse/nord mods and double goblins XD)

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I’ll leave the answer to @Fornjotr :wink:
He is probably replying right now~

We can never have to many goblins!!! :heartpulse: :rofl:

But yea this seems like quite the clone of Team Firefly Clans work so far… But there is certainly a big difference in the perception of the goblins, so i am not concerned about this.

Welcome to the goblin world of SH @Kdron :slight_smile:


its now totally stonehearth: rival clans edition though :stuck_out_tongue:


Looks nice!
I will keep an eye on this.

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:smiley: wow i wanna play greenskins now! i will wait tho ! :slight_smile: best of luck with the mod!


I haven’t found much about the ‘Firefly Clan’ (and didn’t try the mod due to the creator’s bug warnings), hence I don’t know how they play.
I certainly love the idea of Goblins as a playable race though! :slight_smile:

Anyway, you asked for ideas. I have some.
First of all , I think that the playing experience should differ notably from Hearthlings (and soon Clan Amberstone). But what sets Goblins appart? I think, that theft, robbery & war is the foundation for their living.

  1. Professions
    I think, that Goblins should only have access to very basic crafter-classes and abilities within these classes. Warriors, however, should be powerful and diverse (with thieves as new class and a different approach for sheherds).
  • A farmer is certainly necessary in order to provide them with basic food. But this food should just be mushrooms (and/or swamp plants or something alike). In order to get more delicious stuff, they will have to steal it from others. Cooks as such wouldn’t exist, but farmers could have the ability to create somehow chewy meals out of mushrooms and swamp plants.
  • A fisherman … erm …-goblin could be borrowed from the awesome ‘Archipelagos’ mod.
  • Carpenters and smiths would be able to craft only basic goods. Weapons, however, would be probably raw but plenti- and powerful. The ressources for those waepons could be based on mostly (but not exclusively) organic ingredients. Goblins don’t mine, but have to steal the ores they need! But they have their Herbalist (see below)!
  • You could implement a new class: The Thief. His tier abilities could include “stealth” (not being spotted by their victims) and speed (ability to run away if discovered).
  • Hunters could hunt for frogs (which wouldn’t yeald fur for obvious reasons). They upgrade to …
  • The Beast-Handler who might be the Goblin’s equivalent to the Hearthling shepherd. But they ae not there to take care of cute sheep and bunnies, but to pamper dangerous wolves and Ogres! Wolves will fight for the Goblins (like theyalready do in the main game) and need fish or (frog-)meat to be fed. With an increased level, the Beast-tamer will be able to handle Ogres!Those big guys will fight for you even harder, but are quite demanding when it comes to food and rewards. If they don’t get precious gifts (only stuff stolen from others, nothing that Goblins could produce themselves!), they will be bored and leave!
  • The Goblin’s Herbalist will be able to grow powerfull plants on higher levels. He will be able to plant 'Witch-wood trees", which will be the material for higher grade Goblin weaponry and armor.
  • The Shamane (= their Cleric) might (in addition to his healing capabilities) get the ability to summon swamp creatures (e.g. frogs) which attack (for damage or just as distraction) his enemies.
  1. NPCs
    As theft is such an integral part of a Goblin’s life, you will need somebody to steal from. Just like Goblin camps spam in the main game, caravans of traders, small Hearthling settlements or even armed raiding parties could pop into existance in the Goblin swamp. They will provide your Goblins with all the shiny stuff they strive for so badly. The Goblins could sneak into their encampments and try to steal the goods - or attack the camps right away and take everything by force.

So, just some of mythoughts that came to my mind right away. Maybe you like some of my ideas (and even expand on them) - or just use them to spark your own imagination.

Cheers and good luck with your mod!


Oh wow didn’t know there was other goblin mods already, well damn i’m late then!~
also team firefly? can I find them on the forums here? interested to see what you mean, and what they have done as well. :thinking:

and yes you can never have to many goblins!

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Take a look at the swamp biome, that is what is puplic at the moment, but here are also teasers in the thread “free ferns for everyone” i believe?

Most of our work is going on behind the scenes and we are not yet at a place where we have a fully functioning kingdom. But we are getting close :slight_smile:

Our goblins is a blueish color and are not “evil thieves” but a more friendly nature living bunch :sunny:

ahh I see!
Ya my vision for the goblins is to be a defensive tribe that does what they must to protect themselves.
In most cases this would mean they might shut themselves out from the world, due to their excessive fear of other races as they have been pinned for many of the worlds problems.

As you probably noticed I made my band of settlers come from an already existing goblin tribe called “The Goblin Horde”, this does not necessarily mean they are 100% for the Hordes ideals though as they split from that group.

some examples of why they act like this would be these:
ex: food goes missing? goblin tribe nearby? automatically the thief.
ex: someone goes missing? goblin tribe nearby? automatically the killer.
ex: answer to everything? kill all nearby goblin villages!

this would tend to make one group try to lie low and stay out of sight.

though I believe it might be hard to diversify them from other races so I might lean towards another idea if it doesn’t work. :p.

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Wow the swamp biome looks amazing! the custom plants & fog really make it stand out in comparison to the default biomes.

Quick side question:
Is it possible to change the existing classes clothes models, such as making the goblin carpenter switch to the goblin vest? or is this only possible on the worker as it has a proper mixin folder for his clothes?

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Ohh, nevermind I got it working, but I still need to check to make sure my fix didn’t change any of the other races version of them. :sweat_smile:

what I ended up doing was taking away the mixin completely and copied the json for the carpenters_outfit.
then just replaced the model in my files location. took me much longer than it should have! xD

But to still answer your question: yes you can make clothes race/Kingdom dependant, look at rayas children’s worker outfits to see how.

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