Our take on Tolkien *Community MOD*

A Tolkien Inspired Mod##

What is this ? you may ask (clueless.)

Well listen up, I’m not gonna say this again. I’m going to be making a Middle Earth Inspired MOD
and hopefully i wont be alone.

What do you mean by not alone who else ?

Hopefully You!
I want to make this a community mod. Meaning anyone (no matter the background in
coding or whatever) Can contribute if they want to. it does not have to be perfect other
could polish it .

Well What could I do ? I dont know anything about modding!

That’s okay most of us don’t. Fortunately this is a big community full of great people.
And together we can defeat the monster know as "coding fear"

you could lend a hand by:

  1. Making voxel models
  2. Coming up with Gameplay Mechanics
  3. Making custom music
  4. writing some code!
  5. Helping other in learning if you can.
  6. critizise but constructively, in a good way (Don’t be that guy)
  7. Basically any way you think you can! :smiley:

**By now you’re either **

A) I’m in tell me more!
B) nope not for me !*

A) keep on reading buddy!
B) well there might be something you like
somewhere else on these forums.

Glad to see you’re still here
let me introduce to you the mod idea. at long last

recommend opening in another tab


  • Have your town populated with the magnificent creatures of old,
    From the books of late J.R.R. TOLKIEN ~rest in peace~
  • Experience the Magic of Middle Earth, Not just Gandalf’s…
  • Perpare you settlement for a great battles with fierce foes such as: Sauron (ofcourse), The Great Goblin King (Big fat one), Azolg the defiler (Movie Kind) and etc… (more to come)
  • Rank up your Human settler, to Become a Noble and wise Wizard or a Honorable and mighty Warrior.
  • New ore such as Mithril and hopefully more…
  • More to come…

Current models

help expand this list! :smiley:

List of Models (guideline)

any model is welcome this is just
a list of ideas

List of Models (guideline)

  • The Hobbit

  • Gandalf and the Dwarfs ( a tricky task )

  • Elrond, Thranduil, Legolas (or any of the elves)

  • Beorn (Human or Bear)

  • Lord Of The Rings

  • Frodo, Sam,Merry or Pippin (might be hard to tell apart)

  • Ents

  • Saruman

  • Sauron

  • Gollum

  • Anyone from the company of the ring

  • Mobs

  • Goblins (though radiant has theirs)

  • Wargs

  • Orcs (Uruk-hai)

  • Great spiders ! (would be easily take out for Arachnophobiacs)

  • Nazgûl (wraiths)

OR just anyone you like (from the franchise) :wink:
Any suggestions ? you can also make items

How can i be of service now ?

making models is a good start! try your luck with your favorite J.R.R TOLKIEN character
post it even if its **not “perfect” ** other might give you tips and give you ideas to better you creation

Development might be slow in terms adding models to the game for a week
since I’m waiting for the Stonehearth qubicle edition like many other!
But i will be making more models nonetheless meanwhile

This post will Be updated on a regular basis (this is now a rough draft a pre-alpha if you will) :wink:

suggestion and criticism below (be nice to others who have suggestions)
Keep it clean please i know going of topic is tempting but keep at minimum


I think this is a good idea

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I’ve been secretly hoping for someone brave enough to start this, love it! Please go on, I will try to help with constructive critics (not the “that guy” kind :slight_smile: )

Very interesting idea! I love The Hobbit and Lord of The Rings series! If i find some time I’ll have to see what I can do to contribute! (Got a lot on my plate right now though.)

Geeze, why didn’t I think of this for my own mod? xD

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I can model, animate and have an education in coding although i haven’t applied it to a project like this. Also Songs.

Im excited!

Glad you like it @Newf means allot coming from you (kidding)

@Avairian that’s great, i can imagine you are busy you have made some
great things in the alpha so far keep it up

@Richard_Rahl wow that’s quite a list good to see that you’re excited and that you are interested! i love that songs you’ve made

Eh, I can do a LITTLE bit of coding, although I’ve never worked on an actual mod before. Don’t expect too much, but I can do pretty much any of the math/logic/functional stuff that you need. HOWEVER, I have NO idea how to actually tie said code into an actual package or link it to the game or the graphics or anything of that sort. Be wary of my true lack of skill, but I can most assuredly help.

In other words, count me in for the coding!

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This is a post ti learn from teach, great that you want to help and can, The game is only in alpha so this will most likely start of slowly with small step and take of more once the game gets more meat on its bones

Care to get a balrog ? :smiley: (thats the demon ass that gandalf kicked and “evolved” to gandalf the white right)

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@DragoKen yes, a balrog would be interesting he could make for a mean Titan
watch out cthulu!

What models do you need? Can we have a list?

As an elementary teacher, the idea of a community project is awesome and it will benefit everyone as a whole. I have zero coding experience, but I’ll help out in other ways if possible! Either with ideas, constructive criticism, or voxel modeling whenever I have the free time.

Obligatory Edit: I’m a guy, so no weird PM’s please…we can thank reddit for making this edit necessary. While I expect nothing of the sort coming from this community, I just don’t want to put anyone in an embarrassing situation :wink:


@newf any character that belong in middle earth but a list would be a nice guide line I’ll get right on that

@axcess [quote=“axcess, post:12, topic:4744”]
the idea of a community project is awesome and it will benefit everyone as a whole

thank you that is why i wanted to make this communal, so that everyone could enjoy it and
also learn from it that is why most of us are here right :smile: and what better way to learn
then form our fellow “heartlings” or comrades if you will

Cool he Will have some kickass wings man :smiley:

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you have me at middle earth… ill be eagerly watching your progress here… :+1:

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hmmm… I would love to model when I have time… all I need is an assignment and some reference pics…

the funny side note is im prob the only person in the world that HATES the Rings movies… just think they are reparative… but the characters are amazing! So count me in!! 80)

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Hey @SquareGabe, didn’t we think of doing this together?

hmmm… I would like to try my hand at the swords of the Rings movies… that’s sounds hot!

my references…

I volunteer as tribute opps wait wrong movie, any way i should be able to help with this, i have qubicle master ed, and a licenced copy of photoshop. i can code a bit too.

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I will attempt to be of assistance, where I can this mod sounds awesome. I have virtually no experience but hey i’ll give it a go and if I come up with usable stuff then its all good right?

Smaug the Golden is a definite must. (though perhaps someone with more modelling experience should attempt to bring him to life).

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