Tobias' Norsemen (and women) WIP

After watching with interest the voxel work of others I thought I would share some work in progress pictures from my norsemen.
Feed back is welcome please be aware they are all pretty early stages yet as I get to grips with Qubicle.


And a final one


Welcome on board Norseman :wink:

I think you have a quite good start with those figures and an interesting topic. I have been working on a small boat recently… maybe you want to transfer it to a real longboat ^^.

A few small comments from my side. Personally I would love to see screenshots from a slightly different angle, showing more of their side, which I think highlights a bit more the details. Maybe you want also to play a bit around with colors (like redish hair or one light color on the clothes). For me the color palette feels a bit “pale”, no?

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awesome work sir! totally like the style and color palette of these! the roundshields are pretty kewl as well, keep it up! :]

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wow, right out of the gate! you absolutely nailed a Norse theme with these units… and as @Pepe said, those shields are wonderful… well done…


Introducing the Jarl (photobombing by Sven)

Being a heroic figure he is a little larger than the average. The first shows him as a young-blood carving out his domain, then as a ruler of his burgeoning city.

The next as an aging warrior donning his chainmail to defend his city-state and finally as a wise old adviser to his son, the new Jarl.


I’m really liking these! And for some reason the picture of the horses, where it says ‘norse’ made me laugh. I just imagine these guys to be like Hodor, everything they say is just ‘norse’.

Keep 'em coming!

Hmm, I have been thinking; A Mod where your leaders age and are replaced by new heroes. Maybe statues raised in memory of them when they die. Dynasties rising and falling.


i want these Vikings… i want these spears… i want these beards!!


keep up the good work!

Good looking stuff! I’d love to see some of this modded in as equipment for the Northmen’s Alliance now that we’ve broken 600k, though I also wouldn’t mind a dedicated viking mod.


awesome, really awesome !!! Looking good really good especially the horses

Very nice! I like the way you have played around with the colors. Now the redish beards give me a very good hint that this are Norsemen and the small details are making the models more interesting. Also a thumb up for the horses.

They look good! I’m very happy you didn’t put horns on their helmets, this way they’re historically correct :slight_smile:

could they be bigger than the other two kingdoms in height and build? @Wice I like the horns they look cool but yeah historically accurate appeals more to me as a northerner from England :smiley:

I will follow you off the edge of a cliff. I’m all about the viking era. Its crazy to see this level of detail already popin’ up. We need to get together and make a mod to sacrifice people to Odin in the fathers good faith of riches! :smiley:

Definitely, I can already see the ‘minions’ celebrating odin and thor, ooo and maybe making an epic boss as an ice giant :smiley:

The first of the Jotun are here!
To begin with there is the none too bright hill giant (with Sven for scale)

Next up is Fimbul the Frost giant


Nice… first fan-made Titans :wink: I like especially the Jotun.

Are the left hands like that by intention or is there something missing? Distracts me a bit, but might be the angle.

oh… my… sweet… baby… geezuz!

yet another member, who’s every mod will be on my “insta-download” list…

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nice i love those giants :smile: