[MOD] NorseHearth 0.3 [A24]

Documenting The Concept

After viewing and being impressed with @voxel_pirate’s methodical approach to ‘The Chronicle’ mod I thought what would be finer than to steal his ideas approach for formalising my own mod ideas? So without further ado…

Principles of the Mod

Though it started out as a collection of themed models the Norse mod has grown to encompass a thing or two more. Here are the general principles I will attempt to adhere to during the development of this mod.

  1. Thou shalt not unbalance the Game
  2. Thou shalt not introduce needless complexity
  3. Complexity will be optional but if mastered player will be rewarded
  4. Add new Norsifying content if it does not breach tenet 1 or 2

Basic Idea

The basic idea is for a Norse themed mod which will offer a variant starting race/culture for the player. Along side this will be a number of themed mechanics in game to compliment the setting. The theme is very much mythology/saga based and as such will include Gods(one or two), Monsters and magic.



  - Models for each Vanilla civ for each of the classes original or Norse
  - A collection of numerous Norse heads/hair styles both male and female


Create 3 factions


 -Draugr (undead), Skellies(Undead)
 -Titan of some sort


  -Varulfr(Werewolf), Dire Wolves(Bad doggies)
  -Titan or something (maybe a Garm-a-like)


  -Normal Trolls, Bigger Meaner trolls
  -Mountain King


  -Mountain Jotun, Frost Jotun
  -Jotun Lord


  - Modular Rooves 
  - Modular Walls 
  - Modular Doors/windows


 - Firepits
 -  Feasting Hall set
 -  General tables, seats, chests, cupboards etc.


 -   Walls
 -   Towers
 -   Gates

Environmental Items

 -   Runestones
 -   Ruins
 -   Troll Holes
 -   Burial Mounds
 -   Banners
 -   Stone Rings/ Places of power

Game Play Additions

  • Gods Interaction (Blessings/Fates/Doom)
  • Sagas & Runestones (Skald class, Stone Mason, Rune Priest)
  • Norse Specific Battle styles (shield Wall/ Berserkers etc.)
  • Norse Specific Classes
    • Skald (Bard/Storyteller)
    • Goði (Rune Priest)
    • Glyfa (Mage)
    • Bee Keeper (Honey, Mead)
    • Shipwright (Longboats) --Not required until after release–

Looks like you will have your hands full :P. Seems like a great idea, I can’t wait till its finished!

I really hope that the SH modding selection interface is both handy and spotlight-y, because I would love to see this on the “Featured Mods” page.

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that is forthcoming… :wink:

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oops forgot the Jotun (fixed).

I also forgot to reserve the 2nd and 3rd posts to catch over flow and updates. @SteveAdamo @Geoffers747 is that a thing that can be achieved in retrospect?

i dont believe so… well, we could just delete folks posts, leaving yours at the 2nd and 3rd positions… :wink:

That would be the only way as far as I know … I’m sure people won’t mind if we delete …

Alternatively @TobiasSabathius I have no objection to you creating a new thread copying everything over and then just reserving a few posts. We’ll then just delete this one.

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Well I might as well wait to see if I need them.
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@TobiasSabathius What I have started to like is to include a table of content in the first post and just link to the posts which you add later on. There is also this nice smiley… :new: (new), which is great to indicate the latest update. Just a thought.


As ever I will follow your lead… Voxelissimo

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yes indeed… this works very well with discourse’s design… :+1:

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A mock up of the model/concept sheet


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by the way… excellent concept art!

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envies your drawing abilities

as someone who can draw virtually anything i see, but not create “something from nothing” (as you are clearly so capable of), i am extremely impressed with your concept art…

are the color squares a representation of the color palette used in the creation of your models?

Great that you have started to create some sketches for your models, that gives it an even more professional look :smile:.

Btw. the sketch of this house is great!