[mod concept] Defend the Hearth

WOW, I’m spamming threads these days, but I promise, this is the last one for a while :smiley:
This thread should be about my thoughts and “game designing” concepts of my mod. All the little graphics will be presented here, so this is just a giant amount of text. Hope it’s okay to run two threads at once, but as an oldschool coder I need this strict separation :smiley:

Introduction: As a (big) side project, the mod will take its time to finish. I also wanted to wait for some official improvement in combat, so it will take months rather than weeks. But at the begin of my new project, I want to get some feedback or additional ideas. So here we go…

Concept: I want to change the focus a bit more to combat or at least to defending. As a big fan of Cornwells Warrior Chronicles I decided that my mod takes place in the time of the first danish invasions. So there are no goblins, no magic and just a lot of problems. Goal of the mod is your own castle, in which you can survive the last attack of the vikings. So in the end, one side is dead and that’s the winner.

So beginning with your hearth, you have to start building up your city, getting your first soldiers and defend the growing village. Starting with some wild animals, the threat will become bigger and bigger with each new day. Starting with some outlaws, some little group of soldiers you finally will see the invasion of the vikings, trying to conquer your little paradise. So you need a fast growing village for getting enough soldiers, enough food to feed all these new mouths, and after that enough wood and stone to finally build your defense at the same time.

Changes/added stuff:

  • No random spawns. Instead there a defined waves, which will attack you after at specific days at a specific point in the map.
  • One specified map. So every person has the same chances and problems.
  • Adding blueprints for special houses like a dwelling (spawns new villagers when finished), a practice ground for archers and defense buildings like walls and towers in wood and in stown.
  • Adding new classes to the game like different soldiers, a blacksmith, a miner or a builder (who can build your stone walls/blueprints). Additionaly some worker classes like a fisherman, but what comes will depend an what the radiant guys add before I get to this point.
  • Adding training time to the soldiers. So while a villager instantly becomes a footmen with a wooden sword, it takes some time, until a villager becomes a fully trained archer. So better units need more time and the death of each strong unit is a loss (and not just a respawning weapon^^).
  • With the same thoughts, stone walls will take a long time to build. So the player have to start with a wooden wall and then have slowly build their dream castle (hoping the enemies don’t come too early).
  • Adding new models for the special classes, the buildings and the enemies. Also some new decorating stuff and maybe some “useless” blueprints for the nice look.

Yeah, so that’s the small concept of a big mountain of work
As always happy about every feedback (before I’m working months on it and nobody wants to play it^^)
Greetz =)


This would be very cool!

Instead of a blueprint for special houses what about an item you can place in a house which defines that house with the chosen properties that way players can choose how the buildings should look.


This seems like a great idea.

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Seems like a great idea but a lot of work. I would wait until the game is more advanced before trying to make this. (Coding wise anyway)

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I was actually thinking of something like this during the Kickstarter campaign, as far as coding wise I feel you could go about it in a simple minecraft adventure map process. Create a custom world using the base game, then add a mod that can pick and choose mobs to spawn on a time track or a equipment level at certain locations, or make a mod that adds craftable Scenario activator.

Think of it like this it is much simpler as well as adds a layer of accessibility for people like myself who have creative ideas but lack to code experience to fully execute the idea, and a much more effective and less bug prone mod concept. Might not be the exact idea of your mod, but it cares over a good amount of the concepts within it as well as can be branched out or modified on a whim :slight_smile:

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I like the concept…

[quote=“thorbjorn42gbf, post:3, topic:7127, full:true”]
Instead of a blueprint for special houses what about an item you can place in a house which defines that house with the chosen properties that way players can choose how the buildings should look.[/quote]
I thought about that, but couldn’t find a to do this properly. For things like an anvil it would working right, but some things like an archers train camp or a dwelling should need some time and materials. If you having something like a bed, which spawns a villager every time you place it… hmm… I don’t know. But while working on the models, there surely is a way to overthink this one, don’t want to interrupt someones creativity…

@Pandemic Hmm, don’t know. For me I want some defined progress, so a hole new mod would work out better. But if it’s possible, I think it would be a way to release some placeable signpost, which will spawn mobs after a while…