New mod idea: Hearthlings want to leave my town?

You know what, I have been playing the hard mode for few months now. From alpha 19 to 20 every time I play its the hard mode. And sometime it seems that its not that much hard at all. Once I can manage to have 10 archers the game become so easy. Try it if you have doubts.

Anyways, I was thinking about how to make the game harder for peoples like me. And I come up with some ideas. Hoping that someone would show interest and make a mod out of it.

  1. The game structure is, you can have one hearthlings each day (if you fulfill the needs). Now, think about the opposite situation. The concept of hearthlings coming to my town and its opposite, hearthings are leaving my town.

Now you might ask why would a hearhtling wants to leave my town? Its very simple, in alpha 20 the team put heart in hearthlings and the hearthlings become sad/happy/injured/socialized etc So, if a hearthling remains sad for 2 days he/she might want to leave my town.

  1. When a hearthling takes the decision of leaving my town he/she will send a massage to me (just like the trading offers come). The sad hearthling will ask some goods (or anything that will make him/her happy) from me and give me some time to fulfill his/her desire. If I can satisfy the sad hearthling, he/she will not leave my town. If I can’t I might lose a leveled up hearthing. This will make the game really hard and a bit complicated too.

Let me give you an example. One of my archer became very injured in battle and this made him sad. If he remains sad then after 2 days he will send me a massage saying that he does not want to stay in my town anymore. But he will also say if I can give him a Recurve Bow immediately he might not leave. The word “immediately” can be defined as 6 hours or 3 hours or whatever the mod maker wishes. My goal is to make the game harder. And having individual requests from the hearthings is definitely one good approach.

Anyways, please leave a massage if you like my idea. Feel free to add something with it. If you don’t like my idea or have some counter thoughts please reply those too. Goodbye.


This is a very interesting idea and I think if balanced it has some potential! It would need to be really balanced, but interesting :slight_smile:

I wanted to mod in a harder mode than hard mode with rebalanced mobs and raids but I have no experience with the code they use :frowning: and therefore failed at the first hurdle.

I was going to call it survival mode and have it so you have to min max everything just to survive.

I like the name “survival mode”. It really suits the idea.

I wish the rescue feature was something that could be toggled on or off. It makes it more real to have the hearthling actually die, especially in hard mode.

You would just balance it so that if tried to rescue the hearthling chance are that you would lose the rescuer as well. Hence forcing players not to rescue the hearthling and just accepting that they are gone.

I’ve had whole town (minus 2 Hearthlings) get destroyed then I was able to distract the enemies to chase I hearthling while the other saved everyone in town… so like 16 others at that point.

i think they should add something like military reinforces so we dont have to worry about overwhelmed enemy,i mean instead of promote some hearthling to become a footman,we can hire them,we ll hire a small amount of footman that ll fight for us with a suitable cost and when their job is finished they ll leave. :slight_smile: