Starting with more or less Hearthlings

Seeing as the game is still in alpha and so new versions come out every other week (some can result in game breaking bugs unfortunately) I was wondering if it was possible to add a slider to change the number of Hearthlings you being with in game from the get go. Especially in peaceful mode, where most people play to create rather than survive, it would make things go much faster to start with 10 or more hearthlings?

What do you guys think about this?

I can see this being ok if it’s a peaceful setting. Obviously it would be unreasonable to add this in normal and hard mode as enemy difficulty is based on your number + day count.

However, for normal and hard mode I can see it being interesting to get LESS hearthlings in exchange for more gold/resources.

The downside to adding this slider to peaceful mode is that inexperienced players will start to starve REALLY fast if they don’t know how to gather food.

For peaceful mode, why not. For any of the actual game content, i think it would bd hard to balance.