View joining hearthlings (no more hearthlings you don't like/want)

I’d like to know who wants to join my town, what their stats and dreams are. Just like I know on embarking it would be good to say yes or no in an informed way. Think about it they come to my outpost by the light of my hearth…surely that’s enough light to illuminate their faces and ask who they are before telling them to scram or stay a while :wink:


I agree with the concept here, but usually when a daily update comes, I am in desperate need of manpower. I’m not sure I would turn anyone away regardless of stats until the endgame, but maybe I’m just not a good player :wink:

Crafting extra wooden swords and sending them to the front lines works wonders as well.

Not that I would ever do that, of course.

I would really like this. Might also be beneficial to allow the visual customization of the hearthling before accepting them, for those folks that heavily RP their towns :stuck_out_tongue:

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I’d love this! No more 1/1/1 pessimistic Hearthlings that are a little burden on my growing civilization. No more 6/1/1 Hearthlings when all I really need are defenders because a Zilla showed up and I had to kill it with console commands because otherwise my whole town would have been wiped out

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Yeah I can murder and destroy them but honestly I’d rather just say you’re not ready for this awesome town than murder innocent wanderers lol.

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