Having a choice on what new Hearthling you get

How about when you have enough net worth and enough food that you get a Hearthling that there will be 3 different choices to chose from. instead of just getting a random Hearthling. There would be 3 Random Hearthling to chose from, and you chose the one that you would need the most or that would be the most useful. like choosing the one with the highest body and spirit stat because you need another footman.
Instead of getting a random Hearthling with random stats.
I wouldn’t want to have to get rid of Hearthling that wouldn’t be as useful to me in hopes that the next day I will get a Hearthling with the stats I need.


Have you by any chance been playing Oxygen Not Included lately? :stuck_out_tongue:

I do like this idea though. In fact, I’d like to see it taken one step further – have immigration choices every day, and have three different standards for when you’re accepting immigrants. If you meet the lowest standard, you can only take one; if you meet the highest standard you can take up to three. You’ve always got the option to accept less immigrants than the max you’re allowed, and if you don’t meet the lowest standard then you can’t accept any.

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I have never played Oxegen Not included

I’m less a fan of choosing what hearthlings you bring to your town, but I do like the idea of previewing the hearthling so you can make an informed decision about whether or not they should join you. I want to replace the daily update with more robust encounter system, so once we get to that point we can tackle this. :smiley:


Another thought to throw on the pile: if choosing hearthlings is too “direct” for the feel you want, what if the game tallied up a few basic stats about your town (e.g. military strength, number of advanced crafters, food surplus, town level, major missions completed) and used that info to influence the hearthling which would be generated?

For example, if you’ve got a low military strength you’re less likely to get hearthlings with low body and courage, since they don’t feel safe in your frontier settlement. If you have a few advanced crafters and a merchant’s stall but no potter, you’re more likely to get a hearthling with the ambition to become a potter; representing the idea that they’ve migrated to your town partly because of that job opening.

This would combine even better if we later get hearthlings who come with a job (and tool) already – in the early days you’ll only get workers and perhaps basic classes; but a flourishing tier 2/2+ town with spreading fame will attract migrants from all walks of life; including some advanced jobs. That would really help us to keep up with demand as our towns grow, or if we lose hearthlings to an attack – e.g. it takes quite a long time for a trapper to level up to become a shepherd, if you need to replace your shepherd currently it’s quite a blow. If we could get the combination of hearthlings showing up with jobs already, and having hearthlings try to fill gaps or migrate because of opportunities, that allows us to indirectly influence the migration by “setting up for” the hearthling that we want; and it makes recovering from losses a lot easier.


I think getting a random hearthling makes the game in a way more difficult or challenging. For example, if there was three options you could easily pick the hearthlings you needed. It’s like you get a random outcast and you can either chuck them into a random position or feed them to the wolves if you don’t want them :angry: :wink:

It also gives you a wide variety of hearthlings like a real village, a mixture of brainy folk, cowards, underdogs and strong people.

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