A Song of Ice and Fire

So I thought I would share a few concepts of the mod that I intend to create.

The game will be based heavily on the core concepts of stonehearth (i.e. city management) but with a Plants Vs. Zombies / Tower Defence twist.

Basically, you will choose the faction that you want to begin with - each one having a specific trait benefit.

For example, the Starks might have + Frost resist and the Lannisters might have +10% to gold generation.

Ideally, depending on radiant, multiplayer games will have different factions bickering and skirmishing against each other to get valuable resources.

You will start the game in spring and play through to Winter as in a normal game. In winter however, you will have to fight off waves of undead, until their white walker champion appears and is slain. Again, depending on radiant mechanics, I am hoping that each faction might come together to slay the champion.

After the champion is slain, no more undead will spawn for that winter, so the sooner the teams work together to kill him, the quicker the invasion stops.

Eventually, spring will roll back round again and everyone can get back to sniping at each other. However, winter will not pass until the walker is slain.

Game difficulty will increase as the game progresses by summers getting shorter, and winters longer giving you less time to prepare. The champion will increase in difficulty also.

The game will be won when only one house remains!

The mod will not follow the timeline of the books so you will be able to choose your favourite character for your house head. (Think of them as hero classes (Robb or Ned for house Stark etc))

This is pretty much all that I have thought about at the moment, so please let me know what you think and please feel free to offer assistance and feedback.

Here’s some early concept art to wet your whistle:

P.s May need to change name and title to avoid being sued xD


You are definitely deserving of a :thumbsup:

you had me at “the mod i intend to create”… throw in some George R. R. and it’s a done deal… :wink:

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its sounds awesome!!! it would take a lot of time and effort to creat a world that is as deep and complicated as the world in the books, but the basic idea of your mode sunds awesome. when i think about it what about g.r.r tolkin mod? :smiley:
one thing that is a must to be in a song of ice and fire mode, in my opinion, is the abillity to spy, betray, murder and assassinate. :japanese_ogre:

Just be careful, you may end the series before George R.R. Martin does…


Just set it generically sometime in the past of Westeros.

And I’d more like winning simply being about survival, really.

While you COULD take jabs at other humans, I don’t like that as being your ultimate goal, really. It would be an means to an end that involved some thought as to whether or not you really wanted to do it.

If we had any end political goal I would think that in a mod like this, taking and holding the Iron Throne for an arbitrary amount of time would be it. If you wanted to soldier on and fend off people who wanted your Throne, that would be your business. Or you could quit.

Another goal could simply be seeing how many rounds you lasted, how many Wights you killed, how many Bandits, how many enemy Men at Arms and Knights, etc.

You’d have a scoreboard and people would compete to see how quickly they could reach certain goals, what goals they could get to, all kinds of stuff.

For a totally apolitical Tower Defense type thing, we could actually just focus on “You are the Commander of the Nights Watch. Hold the Wall”. And you’d have to deal with stupid internal politics, and Wildings messing with you, making good with the rest of the Kingdom to get more recruits, actually getting your own food and supplies and maintaining the Wall, and the suggested “It’s Winter, Wildings and eventually Wights and stuff want through”.

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Thats not a bad idea, and perhaps it could be another game mode, but I really like the idea that its not just “how long can I survive?” but “Can I out-survive them?”. With the second one, theres a careful balance of attacking the other players, or saving your resources for defense, preparing for a long winter and outlast them, or work with them to end the winter and try to take them out during the summer. Essentially, it introduces MUCH more strategy as you have to balance Summer and Winter, Offense and Defense, and the White Walkers and other Players.

Removed - revisiting flow chart.

Oh my Lord! This sounds brilliant.
I really like the working together in the Winter then backstabbing in the summer. Though my wife has pointed out that winning is losing because when you are the only house you stand alone for that final winter… brrr


“secret” win-con: Get a full alliance with all the players, Winter AND Summer, and bring peace to the Seven Kingdoms

this is impossible! peace to the seven kindoms?!!! ah!

Be cautious, It is a trap!

as long as you stay under the radar, and dont become one of Martin’s key characters, you stand a chance of surviving more than one book… :smile:

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This is kind of what I had in mind for the structure of the mod

Now, the ‘win’ condition is last man standing - however, there is nothing that states you cant band together to fight for as long as you possibly can! xD

Obviously this is very much a pipedream at the moment as Radiant haven’t finalised the mechanics of their game. It does however give me a lot of characters to qoodle!


It’s late and I’m about to go to bed … but had one question.

Will the attack come from a specific place? So, in ASOIAF it comes from beyond the wall, so geographically the Night’s watch would be attacked first, then Winterfell, etc etc, until you get all the way to King’s Landing and then Dorne turf.

Will certain settlements be situated in better positions and things? Man it is late and this is so badly written. I’ll revisit tomorrow to atone for my sins!

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It makes sense, and its a good question. Does this mean that the Starks would be at a natural disadvantage? Or would they get some benefit because of the Watchers of the Wall that would help to even the odds (say, better at fighting the White Walkers/Wights?)

they would have to serve as the first line of defense, but are best in a cold biome (advantages against frost based attacks, etc.)… they would be of much less use in sea warfare, etc.

wow, this could get really involved… :wink:


In following suit with the series, the diplomacy and information gathering aspect needs to be beefed up too! I’d love to see the mod having “little birdies,” bribing citizens to gather info for you. In addition to that, the mod could also have assassins, and ways to sabotage other peoples cities.

My idea for information gathering is along the lines of for every bribed citizen you have, they’ll send you bits of information on that city, including:
Resouces in stockpile
Advancement of citizen classes
army size
army movement
rare events, such as the name of a bribed citizen in your city, communication with other cities, stuff like that.

This is just my two cents and completely speculation, but I’d love to hear what you think about it!


That seems like a really neat idea, allowing players to better plan out their attack strategy. If you know they’re focusing on defenses for the Winter, it may not be the best plan to attack them, but if they’re focusing on, say, building the infrastructure and they’re low on units…

Right, I’m back and I’ve had a few thoughts to build on what I’ve already said.

  • The world

    • One important question that I haven’t seen asked generally about SH, somebody please correct me if I’m wrong, is whether or not we’ll be able to override the world generation, and implement our own maps. I should imagine the answer is a resounding yes, and so I’ll carry on like we can.
  • The question then becomes in relation to this mod, how will the world map be generated? If there is a replica of Westeros and the city placement of such, this, for me, is going to be extremely unbalanced especially if the winning criteria is the last player standing - if I’m sitting comfortably down in King’s landing, the rest of the country can burn! I’ll just shore up my defenses sit back and watch the Others take the land.

  • I can actually see this working really well as a cooperative gamemode - how many winters can you survive kinda thing, or just as a general game mode without the winning conditions at all. A replacement of the core game if you like. I mean, who wouldn’t love to play Stonehearth in the world of ASOIAF? Training Direwolves, building massive keeps, you get the idea. In both these circumstances a replica world would work great.

  • I love @Wharp’s ideas for inclusion, let’s hope the AI is strong to begin with, making any alterations needed for them to act according to the laws of Westeros relatively simple eh :tongue:

So yer, that’s all for now!