[Mod] A Song of Ice and Fire [WIP]

##Overview ##

Well, there have got to be some fans of George R. R. Martin’s popular series of books, or the subsequent television series, so I thought a mod based on Westeros would be interesting.

The player could eventually:

  • Choose a house and banner based off of the series.
  • Assign settlers professions based off of actual professions and roles from the books. (For example, Kingsguard, Small Council, etc.)
  • Amass an army to secure the Iron Throne.
  • Use the [Pirates, Ninjas, Politicians][1] function to take down King’s Landing from within.
  • Fight brigands and rebels rather than goblins.
  • Battle powerful dragon titans.
  • Alpacas!


Settlers: Vanilla Worker, Trapper, Westeros Worker, Kingsguard, Lannister Soldier, Lannister Captain

House Banners: Baratheon, Lannister, Stark


Features left to complete before initial release:

  • Buy Qubicle Premium
  • Replace house banner (Baratheon by default)
  • Change worker texture (Darker clothing, less green)
  • Rename and retexture foot soldier to Lannister Soldier (Fighting for the Baratheon King)
  • Rename and retexture trapper to fit the role of a butcher

Features ready for final release:

  • Banner design
  • Color scheme and look of Lannister Soldier, Worker, and trapper.


Sorry, no download yet. I’ll announce it when it’s ready.
[1]: Stonehearth by Radiant Entertainment » Stretch Goals Part 2 — Kickstarter “Pirates, Ninjas, Politicians”


Would this be a Stonehearth mod, or would this be a standalone game? I love the concept, I’m just curious how you would do it with Stonehearth . Maybe take it from a mod to a standalone game?

I don’t have near enough experience to create my own game engine, but I hope to eventually mod the game enough that it is an entirely new experience after getting bored or regular Stonehearth.

This should be very much possible as a mod. Some examples can be already found in the forum here… might be a good starting point to get additional ideas.


Sounds good enough.

Sorry I had not a lot to say. It’s late here and I should be asleep now.

A song of ice and fire, meet, a song of ice and fire

Maybe some collaboration?


:raising_hand: ohh, ohh! me! I’m interested! :smile:

let’s see those concepts and models, please! and as my well dressed colleague pointed out, perhaps a melding of the creative minds is in order with @Froggy? :+1:


I noticed that when discourse brought up that handy “Topic may be similar to” window, and his concept models look really good. I wasn’t personally interested in the whole PvZ/Tower Defense gameplay, but if he is still planning on making the mod (@Froggy’s last post in topic was in 2013) I would be happy to collaborate.

but he’s always lurking in the shadows… he’s a lurker… he lurks…



would be epic if there was a mod of A Song Of Ice And Fire .

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I do indeed lurk.

However, I am not looking in to modding until the modding path is set in stone. Even then, my first efforts will mostly be a reskin of the existing game models with minor tweaks (think 1492)


May as well work on any models you need done now - code can always come later after all.


Yes, I’m planning on purchasing Qubicle Master Edition shortly. Until then I’ll work on the models.

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Sounds like a really fun idea! It’s also kinda funny that I saw this post when I did because I added this into stonehearth :stuck_out_tongue:

(It’s the wrong way around but meh :smile:)


looks good! :smile: !!!

I would love to see where this leads

So would I!

Even the few features mentioned above would involve a fair bit of programming skill. After completing my Uni programming module, I realised that it was all a bit too daunting for me.

Well, I tried my best to make a few banners. Baratheon, Lannister, and Stark are all complete. It’s quite difficult to constrain these house crests to fit in a single banner.

For now, I’ll only replace the texture of the camp flag with a single banner, so no choosing of houses will be involved. Now to work on the actual 3D character models.

This all brings me to realize something; I’m not as good at pixel/voxel art as I thought I was. If anyone wants to help me, that would be great.


awww!! pixelart!! :+1:

if that’s not good… well, then i’m even more ashamed of my own work… :smile:

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Well, thanks for the support. I’m a bit of a perfectionist, so I tend to be hard on myself. :slight_smile: