[mod[kingdom]]Nordlingmod, updated!

Hey all, i have recently updated the nordlingmod

with more fixes then i would like to admit, and a whole bunch of features!
weapons, armour, foods, bees, honey lots of stuff!
(bees and honey are taken care of by the trapper!)

so if you want another kingdom to play with, heres one!
please let me know what you think and what could be improved :slight_smile:

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a little sneak peak of an upcoming update: (the run up towards a re-done smithing system)
a charcoal burning mound!
(akin to one of these
YouTube )

ps. coding one is annoying, so im hoping the payoff looks as good as it does in my imagination :stuck_out_tongue:

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Yay Charcoal!! The picture is a bit dark though :wink:

True, after I get it to work the model can always be slightly altered etc, I’ll ask @Kittyodoom later :stuck_out_tongue:

The model is the easy part XD
(and if you are wondering, why is it fiddly, because im basicly coding it like a tree with growth stages, so you make the mound, then it lights itsself, it starts burning slowly, then propperly, then the gaps are closed and when its done you can harvest it for charcoal :stuck_out_tongue: ) (and if this works out i might do a funeral pire, so you can send off you hearthlings in style…if they do ever die)

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but seriously though, do you know how anoying it is when you are making nice headway with pretymuch one of the most complicated things you have made yet… and figure out that a freaking piece of clothing you wanted to give your hearthlings made your entire mod give up and go home? while the complicated thing, after some fiddling, is making nice progress with no big issues yet? aargh XD


can I ask for a download link but outside of steam?

development headaches 101: “this simple little thing shouldn’t have problems, I’ll just crank it out in a few minutes… [everything breaks]”, meanwhile the big complicated thing never gets a chance to break because you’re constantly expecting it to and watching out for anything that could possibly go wrong, double-checking code etc. hahaha!

The charcoal kiln and outfit both look great, though! :merry:

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Here is latest update on the mod June 22/19: refreshed nordlingmod.zip