What don't you want Stonehearth to have?

Yes I’m sure your’e right on the acquiring citizens when you want but isn’t it still linked in some way to food supplies, so really what I should have said is that I don’t want food gathering to be something that takes a long time until you have enough for a new citizen, especially as in the early game you be very limited in how many citizens you have at your disposal which then limits what you can do.

Well we know there will be an easy mode for those times when you want to relax or build without the crippling fear of death; which is good.

Obviously this sort of thing has to be balanced and I’m fully expecting that balancing to occur throughout and beyond 2014.

Everyone has their own understanding of and gets their own enjoyment from different levels of difficulty, so I personally would hope that there is a moderate level of difficulty with the ability to alter options to either increase or reduce the difficulty in whatever way we want!

Totally sitting on the fence there but, ya know!

While I agree that it would be nice to have some sort of button for ease of access, I wonder how easy it would be to create said button if it didn’t exist. For example, modifying the spawn of enemies, or increasing/decreasing food production/cost of “buying” a worker, etc. I guess its just a matter of how easy the code for that sort of thing is to access (and how much of a pain it is for someone to try to balance).

I love having a mob free mode, but in most games that offer a peaceful alternative, I don’t know how many allow you to change difficulty on the fly… Would be fun though… :wink:

You mean like peaceful mode?

I would like the game to have a difficulty settings that are change able in-game. (kind of like in minecraft, if you will) Where you can build a fortified city in peaceful mode, and then change it to difficult to test your cities defenses :smile:


yes sir…

indeed, perfect example (and one of the only ones i can think of, to be honest)…

Here is a legitimate response this time.

I don’t want StoneHearth to be too linear. After playing Timber and Stone (A game with a somewhat similar concept to stonehearth) for a good period of time, I got bored of how slow and linear it was. Your units have to follow a certain X, Y, or diagonal axis when walking (So it feels unnatural), mobs spawn randomly in random places, and then wander randomly. My point is, I want stonehearth to sort of just seem like there is no road for it to follow. The game play should flow nicely and make it feel as though the settlers have a little bit of free will, rather than just doing exactly what they are told. I sort of just confused myself with that bit, so lets see what everyone else thinks.

Here’s one that stems from a long experience of RPGs, strategy, adventure, and platform gaming…

Units instantly dying when they touch water. Granted, water’s a ways off (and yet, I seem to keep revolving around the aqueous world in the threads…), but if a unit was to simply drop into a pool of water, it shouldn’t instantly bump them off. What if I want to tell my settlers to go take the day off at the beach? They’ll be sad… (or building sand castles)

Now, a ship sinking is a different story, but surely some units would have a chance of swimming/getting rescued/reaching safety, assuming they aren’t weighed down by armor.

i believe i know exactly what you mean here… T&S, while a very capable resource gathering/building game, does seem a bit “stiff” in the emotional department… i dont have a lot of vested interest in the citizenry, as they dont really emote…

they will happily do the work i ask them to do, and sleep when necessary… but something feels “missing”, some little ingredient that would make the units more appealing to me as a player… its difficult to put into words…

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Is it bad that i’m using Timber&Stone as a substitute until stonehearth comes out?


not at all! it’s a wonderfully addictive game… and Robert (along with his new staff members) has released a pretty massive update this week… :+1:

ok, back to the topic at hand… :smile:

The main Thing I DON"T want stonehearth to have is Giant Robot Spiders…

That would be AWESOME! I HATE Spiders!

Good news for you! You can join forces with @KingMooCow and create a mod which replaces all giant spiders with huge cows :wink:.

But then it would be boring… :frowning:
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