Our take on Tolkien *Community MOD*

I know i kind of just did it for fun.

The mithril is good :thumbsup:
Although i think when they add ores into the game you would have to re -model it sadly for it to be Stonehearth-style

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very nice concept, its challenging to fit some thing in the stonehearth style but very nice so far

Maybe you should add Minas Tirith as a randomly-spawned dungeon? I personally would love to be able to send a scouting party around so that they can find the untold treasures of the city, especially if it’s an abandoned version of said city.

Anyway, I can get to work on setting up all of the .json and whatnot as soon as the Modding Update gets released!

@Warstories Is there any way to make a “folder” of mods on the Kingdom? If there is, that would help with keeping everything organized greatly.



I can make a hidden category in the downloads area, view-able/upload-able only to those participating in making the mod? :sunny:


Oh yeah!
I was thinking about adding a small-ish (not too small) version of mordor. (or another name incase of the copyright thingy)
And goblins & uruk-hai would come out of there every night or so to attack your village. (ofcourse it would start only if you would be able to defend yourself)

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I think ruins could be something added at some time ofcourse many of the features are being hold until the game get more updates but a ruin full of treasure and resources (guarded by mobs) is a must

The poor goblins never saw it comming ;_;

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Might be sensible on this particular one, as I believe ruins are something Radiant are interested in implementing in some way, so unless it takes quite a while (which it probably will if I’m honest, certainly won’t be for the next 3 months I’d think), you may want to see how they do it.

Yeah, its fine to come up with idea here but many of them will have to wait since there it is very limited what you can mod

Im loving everything that i have seen guys! The weapons look cool and even the ideas of ores is a good start even if we will have to change them later on. Im gonna be working on a few ideas this week for modeling.


I really just cant wait for that modding API thingy to come out…

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Idk if anyone has mentioned this yet but after poking around making models and stuff, how are we going about making dwarves and even hobbits? because the default characters within Stonehearth are rather small… Has anyone else thought of this?

Here is a Sword i made. This is made after Isildors sword or Elendil. Its hard to get proportions correct because they need to be so small. But let me know what you guys think.


Really cool sword :thumbsup:

Well done! Remember, the models can be scaled down a bit to help them stand out better as models. Just like they did with Chathulu(Spelling?)

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@Lele99, I believe it is Cthulhu.
Just to toss another idea out there, how about a Shelob Titan?

UUUUUUUUUUUU… Big spiders…

yes sir…

it seems you have similar tastes as @TobiasSabathiusshudders


;_; oh god…

RadEnt better not sneakily implement a titan like this…

Awesome idea!! Don’t forget Balrog Titan either or his name is Durin’s Bane

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