The Elf faction

Hi guys, Thunder here. Today I want to discuss the Elf faction, a faction that I am sure will get modded in by somebody in the future. I am actually planning on making this mod, as I am learning Lua and other programming languages. Let me just talk about the basics these Elves.

So the type of Elves that I am going for is kind of the Lord of the Rings, Legolas type of Elves. This is in the sense that they are really good with bows and knives, and when they use swords they are the best swordsmen around. They are skilled crafters and metal workers, and are one with nature. But what will make them different than LotR Elves is that Mother Nature created these Elves. She saw that here realm was coming under attack from the undead forces and from the humans, so she created the Elves to protect here realm. This makes the Elves really fast, strong, and smart, but as a downside they receive physical damage when things in nature are destroyed.

Instead of chopping down trees to build houses, these Elves will Tree Smiths that form the trees into houses. The different types of “Smiths” will be the crafter Elves. The Earth Smith will make golems to fight, the Stone Smith will create fancy stone houses and arches and such, the Weapon Smith will craft swords and knives, the Bow Smith will craft bows, the Savior Smith (name subject to change) will be the religious leader, and of course their religion is to follow Mother Nature. I also thought about a Beast Smith, someone who tames and breads wild animals to fight or to do labor in the name of the Earth Mother. I was thinking of Ents (name subject to change so that I’m not just ripping off LotR) living trees who are basic workers.

For the warrior classes, I only have 5. 1) Guardians of the Wood: these are just basic grunts, armed with bows and knives. 2) Defenders of the green blade: Spear wielding grass protectors. 3) Shadow lurkers?: Knife wielding professionals who slay all those who oppose the Earth Mother using stealth. 4) Rangers: These guys have Longbows and are expert archers who hide in the trees. 5) High guard: They have awesome swords and are the elite fighters.

All ideas and feedback are welcome, thanks!


Here is an early pic of a basic Elf I have been working on. Still WIP, and all feedback is welcome

and from the back
I have got some weapons and bows and stuff, but I will upload that later


well, you are certainly off to a promising start, as the faction seems very well thought out… i particularly like your warrior variants…

and the model looks great as well! but, where are the trademark ears, i ask you? :smile:

Unless I’m very much mistaken, this is another donor recolor? A parent can always spot their child :stuck_out_tongue:

I really like what you have done with the hair at the back. The shading works really well.

Maybe try a slightly paler skin tone?


…I am so ashamed.
…Why is there no sad face?

i believe you are looking for this, perhaps? :cry:


@Froggy has some good advice as well… make them look almost ethereal… if thats the sort of elf you’re going for… :wink:


I shall do all in my power to rid the world of these terrible creatures…


ALL HAIL THE DWARVEN BROTHERHOOD! May they fear our ore and our axes!

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Why on earth would I fear the rocks you dig up from the ground? Is it because all we may fear from dwarfs is the fact that they sit in a pile of rocks all day and drink all night? I would kill the whole lot of you, but it would be much easier to just wait until you drink yourselves to sleep to slit your throat. :wink:

Here is an updated Elf. I added pointy ears and lightened the face a little bit. Thanks @SteveAdamo and @Froggy for your tips. What do you mean by Ethereal?

And here is an Elven high guard sword

I forgot to save my work at one point so I lost this sword, a knife, and a bow :frowning:


Its those very rocks that keep your trees up, lemur. We also pile rocks all day so we can see your face when we throw them at you!

(Also the designs look nice…yeah)

once you fixed ears i was sold! good work

We are the Dwarves the most powerful of races, you say elvish craftmanship is that of enough to rival a Dwarven Axe? Pah! Elves are weaklings and would not last a day in the deep Dwarven mines, Our chests are hairy and we are known for our prowess in drinking contests, Many an elf shall fall before even one dwarf breaks a sweat!!! For I am Newf, Son of Dewf and Lord of Newfia

(seriously nice work but maybe you should use your amazing skills on something other than the evil of the elves?:wink:)


And I am Dr.Lank, Son of Dr.Clank and King of Dranerof! Let the Elves squeal in amazement and fear of my Dwarven prowess!

(Interesting sword design as well. Are you going for a saber or katana look?)

Now now everyone! Calm. It’s a wonderful idea to add elves. Because then we can kill THEM ALL!!!


Burn the forests,
And pillage the woods.
Chop down trees,
And dig up the stumps.

The elves shall run and hide in fear,
And we shall slaughter them all!


And over the misty mountains cold,
To caverns deep and old!
We shall drink and song in cheer!!!

(Meant to be sung)


Here, I turned my talents towards dwarfs, as you asked for. >:-)


Seriously guys, can I get any suggestions on how I should set up the Elves back story? @DrLank No I wasn’t really going for either of those things, I was trying to make up my own and I like this look.

Deep in the Forests sits a massive tree which all elves resided, but the goblins came many, scorching the land and all those in it. Killing many and sparing few, leaving the elves vulnerable, and with no one to turn to (Dwarves hate them, and humans to weak at the moment) they hid themselves deep in the grey forests (spawn them in a forest of silver leaves, silverwood trees are vital to any elf). There they sit waiting for they’re chance to avenge mother nature, AND RID THE LAND OF THE GOBLIN PLAGUE! (They’re goal in all is to rid the world of goblins) Whats left of the elves are hidden away, having to grow to become as powerful as before to kill {insert boss} (Goblin king?) and with the help of mother nature rid the world of evil. But can the elves do this without straying from the path of mother nature (later choices should arise allowing you to industrialize, at a cost of some nature magic of course.) :smiling_imp: :

Hows that? I think that’d be an interesting story for the elves.


well done @naturalnuke… seems like good starting material for, oh… i dont know… a fan fiction contest perhaps! :tongue: