Community Mods List

yes i am spamming the forum with new topics :smiley: No, just kidding :grin: I hope it’s not too annoying ^^

First: I searched the complete forum for a thread like that but i didn’t find one. So i decided to create one which works like that:

Post your mod as a reply or PM me with it and i put it on the list. This Thread should be the perfect place for players to inform about every mod that exists

At the moment i only accept mod’s that already have a own topic in this forum and a team working on it.
(Or prepare it, cause the game is not released :D)


The Egyptian Conversion Mod ᅝᅝᅝ@Miturion
The Roman Mod ᅝᅝᅝᅝᅝᅝᅝ@Moe2212
Princess Modᅝᅝᅝᅝᅝᅝᅝᅝ@Minion
Elf faction ᅝᅝᅝᅝᅝᅝᅝᅝᅝᅝᅝ@TheThunderOne
Avairian’s Japanese Modᅝᅝᅝ@Avairian
Guild Mod ᅝᅝᅝᅝᅝᅝᅝ ᅝᅝᅝᅝ@oroy137
Mythica Modᅝᅝᅝᅝᅝᅝᅝᅝᅝ@DragoKen
Item Spawn Modᅝᅝᅝᅝᅝᅝᅝᅝ @BFHDD

CandyLand Terrain Mod @Relyss

Mod Ideas

Save Games ᅝᅝᅝᅝᅝᅝᅝᅝᅝ@Nicedude80
Star Trek TNG ᅝᅝᅝᅝᅝᅝᅝ ᅝᅝ@voxel_pirate
Bard and Scholar Classᅝᅝᅝᅝᅝᅝ@Jackknave
The Gaulsᅝᅝᅝᅝᅝᅝᅝᅝᅝᅝᅝᅝ@DJ_Astro
Seperate Magic Systemsᅝᅝᅝᅝᅝᅝ@Darken_rahl
Typographer/Chronicler Classᅝᅝᅝ @voxel_pirate
Arquebusiers Classᅝᅝᅝᅝᅝᅝᅝᅝᅝ@UlyssesKnapse
Mechanics, Machines and Triggersᅝᅝᅝ @Gazz
Spartansᅝᅝᅝ ᅝᅝᅝ ᅝᅝᅝ ᅝᅝᅝ ᅝᅝᅝ@DJ_Astro

Mod Tutorials

Mod the graphic test V2 ᅝᅝᅝᅝᅝᅝᅝᅝ@Alesfatalis
From a picture to an animation ᅝᅝᅝᅝ@voxel_pirate
How to add custom craftable itemsᅝᅝᅝᅝ@voxel_pirate

Helpful Programs

Stonehearth Add-On for Blender ᅝᅝᅝᅝ@voxel_pirate
UnSmod - Decompilerᅝᅝᅝᅝᅝᅝᅝᅝ @Xavion
Modding Framework (Very useful)ᅝᅝᅝᅝ @RepeatPan


@Kriptixx, here’s a new thread for you to manage… i copied @xophnog’s initial post here as well, to let you manage that list and integrate it into your own…

have fun! :+1:

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Might I suggest that this topic be pinned so that it stays near the top of the forums… thereby providing quick access to the actual topic post for someone looking for a new mod to try out!

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you are wise beyond your years…

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Maybe, although I have plenty of those to go around, and probably still don’t live up to them in the “wise” department!! LOL

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Alright ! Thank you for doing all this :smiley:

I would suggest the following info be listed next to the mods:

  • Completion rate (work in progress, released, needs to be updated)
  • Last confirmed compatible version of the game

Obviously its all work in progress now but later its gonna get hectic…

Yes, sounds great :slight_smile: Thank you ^^

Reviving a very dead topic, but is this still going to be updated by someone? Or maybe we need a new one?

I volunteer Geoffers. He’s good at making lists.

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the torch has already been passed once… perhaps @Geoffers747 can spruce things up, like only he knows how… :wink:

I might be able to make it look pretty with images… :wink:

sighs I wish … I’m probably gonna be rather vacant and passive for the next month … Dissertation is ruining me.

I’ll get back to list making soon. I promise.

and for my part, I shall keep this candle flashlight lit for you… fare thee well, my sweet prince… :flashlight:

yeah, I know… but I couldn’t find a candle, torch… nuthin!

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This leaves Geoffers out of the question for the next month… who’s the next candidate…

he says, knowing full well that he’s at the top, of a very short list… :smile:


Indeed… So it’ll be my job? I’ll take it up… when I get home. I snuck on during my Computer Science class… sneaky me.

Cheer up, @Geoffers747, you seem so down lately… :disappointed_relieved:

Dropping this here for whoever takes care of the list…

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for the time being, i just dropped it into the OP… :wink:

fear not, the meds should start kicking in anytime now… :smile:

Sorry my dear :frowning: I’ll be back to my usual cheery self in a month or so … hopefully!

Until then I’ll try and maintain my cynical jokes :slight_smile: