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Yes, but the thing is it gets flooded. When you want to search back for some guide you cant find it anymore.
And thats why I suggested to maybe get rid of unnecessary ones, like kickstarter can fall under other games, and scripting and coding under modding.

Same thing here. When people not interested in modding themselves, but just downloading and playing they have to search through all the modding topics. Renaming does nothing because there is no different category for the ‘help me with my modding’ and playable mods.

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we could make more sub topics (like how support has 3 different topics under it)

  • other games - kickstarter

  • modding - questions



Ah Yeah, that is actually a better idea.


To be completely fair, I don’t like how the setup is atm. The main page is a all the topics mixed. The downside is that you can only have 5-6 topics pinned. If you would have a normal forum lay-out like this:

  • Subject (modding)
  • How to mod (pinned)
  • Community mod list (pinned)
  • Subject (Bugs)
  • active bug list
  • support

This is just a example, but you could put a lot more info on the same screen without losing enything. I do like the look of how things are now. And the way a topic work is beautifull. I just don’t really like the main page.


huh, i rather like it, plus each subject can have topics pinned in its area.

excellent idea! how does this hierarchy sound?

so we could have


  • Guides

Other Games

  • Kickstarter

Mods (renamed from Modding)

  • Tutorials
  • Scripting & Code

i love it, it will/would allow for more expansion in the future if we do something like that.

edit: we could also do it for fan media, have an Art tag and LP tag. just a thought.

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yup! we just have to remember that the “parent” will house content as well… so, for Gameplay, it houses all the suggestions and feedback on playing SH, while the sub-category of Guides will let folks hone in on how to play better…

likewise, the home for Mods would have discussions on player submitted mods, with the two subs having details on how to make mods…

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Well, I’ve been trying to make sure that all modding threads that offered a mod download had the tag [Mod]. But I guess it’s kind of useless when searching, yeah :disappointed_relieved:

The modding category is currently flooded with:

  • Actual mods
  • Mod ideas / concepts
  • Tutorials
  • Help requests
  • General modding questions / concerns

In Fan Media there are also written stories :stuck_out_tongue: not only art or LPs…


good point… so I think the “parent” should contain actual mods, yes? and perhaps even ideas/concepts…

we could then have subs for tutorials, scripting/code, general (to house questions, requests)?

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Not really sure about it. I agree that it makes sense and sounds like the logical thing to do.
But when you visit a parent category, it also displays topics on the child categories, making it difficult to find a “parent only” list of topics, in this case Mods (and I know this because of the Support category).


good point… well, i’ll leave it to you all to hash out what makes the most sense… :smile:

just let me know and we’ll get about implementing it! :+1:

i knew there were other things, but those were the first two that came to mind :laughing:

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So for topics we have:

  • game
  • patches
  • bugs
  • technical support
  • development
  • suggestions
  • gameplay
  • guides
  • gameplay support
  • Mods
  • Released Mods
  • Mod ideas/WIP
  • Tutorials / Guides
  • scripting and coding
  • Mod support / Help
  • Fans
  • introduce yourself
  • let’s plays
  • art
  • stories
  • Other games
  • Kickstarters
  • looking to play …
  • Forum games (maybe ?)

I will edit this when people come up with new once.

They are the same :laughing:! (since the mod becomes wip every time there’s a new alpha…)

Although they could be abandoned mods and ongoing mods. I think there are several mods that are really old and didn’t get an update (for whatever reason) but may continue if they get enough attention and the modder answers back.

And other mods that more or less try to be updated.

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Good point xd , I’ve removed it and made it into just “mods”

I’m liking the visual subdivision of pinned threads under their respective section. Any way to physically divide the master thread bank will probably be welcome to the Discourse members, rather than a giant omni-list!


Yes, exactly.

I am in favor of renaming
finished modsReleased mods (As in actual downloadable, but not necessarily finished).
Ideas/WIP category
TutorialTutorials/Guides (I dont know, but somehow these 2 sound different)
Mod supportSupport/Help (I think for foreigners help sounds the way to go. I mean a lot of them have HELP in the title :smile: )

No please. That was the whole point of starting the whole topic :crying_cat_face:
90% will spread an idea or begin on something but never finish it

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I will add them ^^ those are some better names indeed, and i will change the WIP part to ideas and WIP

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