Stonehearth Modding Dedicated Site

Hey guys,

After playing some Stonehearth A5 for about a week now I’m growing to completely love this game, it has so much potential.

So anyway, we all know Stonehearth will allow community mods and some of you have even begun working on your own. This is awesome! But this site doesn’t really give the complete tools to users for sharing mods. Currently people will simply make a forum post about their mod and that’s the extent of what you can do.

As a web developer myself, what I purpose is a new community site geared toward modding. Some of the brief “roadmap” of the site would be:

  • Ability to upload mods
  • Ability to update mods with a version string
  • Ability for users to download mods
  • Ability for feedback and ratings
  • Top rated mods
  • Ability for mod creators to set Free or Paid mods
  • Ability for users to search for mods by keyword, creator, or wildcard
  • Ability for users to watch and be notified of a specific mod they like or have
  • Discussion boards directly linked to the modding resource pages
  • Ability to report broken or malicious mods
  • Mod suggestion/request boards

So if people are interested, this is something I can do rather quickly actually. I noticed however that someone already owns so I’m not sure if this is a project someone is already doing or what not.

As for some of my experience with web development. I’ve done several websites already including and

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@ZeleronX and I have been together on numerous website adventures! Some of them worked out great and some… well not so much lol. We’re currently working on our EvolveWiki site but Stonehearth is another potential one we’d like to do.

I don’t like that idea. But here’s the related discussion.

As somebody who had similar endeavours, it won’t work. There’s a few things that make such a project infeasible at the moment, I’ll give you a brief list:

  • There’s not enough content right now. Sure, there’s lots of ideas and so forth, but very little in actual additions. The community is restricted to a dozen or less active members who produce content.
  • As such a small community, any sort of other “fan site” is distracting an user base, which is something that I personally disagree on. We don’t need a dedicated forum, a discourse, a wiki, three modding pages and twelve fan sites which all cover, more or less, the same content. It only hurts each one of those sub-communities - at least while we’re still a small group of players.
  • There’s no need nor demand. Mods are simple enough to install and as long as there are less than five, it’s not exactly difficult to manage them either.

All in all, parts of this would have been handled by ShPad in the long term, a project that has been burried by now. There’s also this whole Curse business going on where I’m not sure where it’s heading, if it’s even still a thing - or ever was one.

Keep in mind that this isn’t to have all mods paid it would simply give the creator an option to sell it if they so choose. Thanks for the link, checking it out now.

yes, I believe the person who registered this domain has intentions for something along those lines… as far as current plans, I couldn’t tell you, unfortunately…


The domain hasn’t been registered for longer than a month yet, I don’t know how much the plans could change in that short period of time.

I dislike the name either way.

I don’t want to step on toes. This is a website I have a passion in doing but if it’s being done then it’s being done. One resource users can go to would be better than spreading everyone out.

You don’t happen to know who owns it or can put me in contact with them do you?

Just by coincidence, I happen to know who owns the domain as he contacted me personally. I’m not sure if I should be giving out who he is, but he did ask me if I wanted to help maintain the website as I used to run the mod list on the forums here.

I can definitely say that he is interested in creating an unofficial mod list website for Stonehearth, and if you need I can refer you to him here on the forums. :smile:


You don’t have to give out any contact info or personal details, just let him know my interest and if he wants to contact me, he can do so.

I’m with @RepeatPan on this - I think it’s too early for such a site to appear. One other thing though:

May run into legal issues. I’ve never heard of any games that have mods you pay for. Donations is one thing, but payments… hmm. Could be tricky if legally it’s seen as profiting from Radiant Entertainment’s work etc.


Done and done!

And again, I’m against the paid mods part. Donations for a mod is one thing, but paying for the mod itself seems a bit too much and as @Teleros said, legal issues may happen.

Well let me clarify a little bit here.

I’m not saying every mod would be paid for. I’m saying I could make it so a mod developer can choose to make their mods free or paid as there has been discussion about monetizing mods before.

As far as legal issues go, it’s all dependent on what Radiant’s stance is on it. For example Sony Online Entertainment has a game called Landmark which does allow users to sell to each other however SOE takes 60% of the sale.

That’s really all, I meant no harm in that line of text. I’m just addressing issues raised by others. Donations is also something I could easily do as well.

Oh and thanks: He contacted me and so we’re currently in discussion.

EDIT: Oh and I completely disagree by it being too early for such a site. But to address concerns about the community size, it’s a site that would be for modding yes, but that doesn’t mean it’s the only thing that has to be done. There’s so many other options available like having Stonehearth giveaways every month until release… or dare I say… every week! This I think would actually bring in more people.

my comment was more along the lines of “i don’t know precisely what the owner has plans for, or when they will see the light of day”… :wink:

“Official”? How “official” will, or can, this be? Is it as official as those dozens “official fan forums”?


Hah yea, it is only official if RE themselves make it.

I think that a wiki for Stonehearth and a wiki for modding Stonehearth would be the cool. For the few mods currently I think the forum will do for now.

Whoops, my mistake. :blush: T’was a typo.

Not necessarily. After all, they could simply knight a website official, if you catch my drift. Or take an existing one over - they don’t necessarily need to do it themselves.

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