A Place to Make Mods & Become a Modder

Hey guys & girls of Stonehearth
I’m excited for this game as many of us are! And I cannot wait to start modding it more and more as the api gets better, however theirs not many great places to mod at yet as a team or a place to find teams for that type of stuff… So I started a new project for indie games like Stonehearth not many others for modding. Infact the goal is to bring lots of tools and misc stuff to your disposal as authors. Even cursegaming only gives you a couple things so the goal is to make a community for modding.


I want to bring everyone a really great community, tutorials, collaboration, website tools, and much more. All focused on authors of the modding community which I know is huge and growing!

I cannot do this with just me alone I really hope some people will come and support my website as its been started as a very serious project that I perhaps can launch my full idea on kickstarter once I’m ready to this my first public notice of it other then listing it in my mod video recently.

Please show your support join up today you can even use steam to signup faster and or find players like yourself quicker! This project has been ongoing for about a month already and I’m to the point where I want to start getting the first of people going and trying things out also suggestions I would really love.

If anyone wants to ask a question in this thread I’ll be checking it frequently.

  • Features Currently
    Publish your MOD with a thread discussion automatically!
    Top Downloaded MODS
    Steam Integration
    Rate postings to help get rid of non sense thank you post!
    Collaboration area to help you find a team of modders to work with!
    Support from a network of knowledge players not just modders but all kinds of skill sets!
    A new fresh Unique way of Modding!
    XenForo Forum Software

And yet I have so many features I want to add and will be adding. So I hope you’ll support this project with us by publishing mods through our site.

The website URL is Below:


Sorry for their being no content I been working alot and I’ll be adding a whole bunch of useful information for new modders to start modding. Also some refrences, everything is brand new and I hope youll check back to see our updates. I hope to bring mod authors + others really useful stuff and as a community.

A suggestion from my side. If I take a look on the “Resources”-page I do not see an identifier showing me to which game the resource is linked to. Could be more userfriendly if there is a category and option to sort by.

Other than that… good luck with your project.

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