Mods Website | what do you think?

So a while ago I posted about creating a modding website where all of the mods can be kept in once place, making it easier for people to find and pick the mods they want.
For ages I have had the website near finished, sitting on my desktop, the only thing that isn’t done is having different pages instead of having all the mods be in one continuous line.
Here are some of the pictures of the website:

This is the front page, where you arrive. It has a full functioning banner which can display different mods.

This is the mod page. When a mod is created then it will look like this. The modders can add and remove their own pictures and text depending on what they want,

This is where you choose mods, currently the mods shown are examples and not real mods.
The website uses Wordpress for it’s backend and to create a mod all you have to do is add a post, name it and fill in info about it. I currently don’t have any hosting for the website and I doubt I will ever have any however what do you guys think about it?


Looks really good for me!

I would honestly make a more… SH like icon for all the buttons, but having everything Recognizable is a win

i’m really looking forward for the opening!

Keep up the good work


Really like it, the website looks like it’s coming along nicely !

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it looks great @hantoo … well done!

keep us posted on your progress… :+1:

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Will the mods list have which version of Stonehearth the mod is usable in? or what one it was made in/with?


The mod makers can add their own meta data. It is likely that your idea of having a version will be part of the meta data which they have to add. Very good idea though! completely missed it.

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This is my only comment too. You have these beautiful smooth icons and graphics… for a blocky voxel game. I would have those icons look more voxel-y personally, but otherwise it looks really good. Well done!

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All this stuff coming out!, Stonehearth is really taking off and when it becomes as popular as Minecraft, I will be there to lord it over the Noobies that I was there from the start!


An up to date mod list and categories would be amazing…

I support this endeavor!

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I love it! :heart_eyes: I haven’t downloaded a mod in a while…

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This is awesome! I will go here on a daily basis!

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Is it open for business yet?

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I love the idea, too! And it immediately raises two questions in my mind:

  1. Will this be exclusively for mods, or would smaller things also make sense in there (from a “audience” point of view, technically it’s obviously no problem)? Currently this could be house templates (I’m obviously asking for a very specific reason ;)), but who knows which other templates or downloadables will be supported in the future.

  2. Is this the first step towards a “SHKAN” mod manager? :wink: