Hey everyone!

So a little while back I posted a question about a project I was working on, and it’s finally ready to go public :slightly_smiling:

I’ve created a website specifically dedicated to Stonehearth mods - a place for players and mod authors alike to be able to browse mods, download them, get support from authors, find tutorials, upload mods, etc etc etc.

I’m hosting the website on my own private dedicated web servers, and we’ve got SSH/SSL protection, file/data encryption, all that security stuff so you know you’re on a safe site :slight_smile:

All the mods are hosted on our servers too, we don’t outsource the hosting for that, and we virus scan and test all of the mods that come in so you always get quality content :slightly_smiling:

Anyways, without further adieu, here it is!

NOTE: The site is still in development - some things don’t look as clean as they will, other things aren’t working properly, and some pages aren’t quite set up to be fully functional. But you should be able to upload your mods successfully, create an account, view your profile, talk on the forum, and browse uploaded mods (there aren’t any yet :slight_smile: )

Let me know if any of you have any comments, questions, suggestions, or anything else :slight_smile:


So like Praise?

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Kinda, we’ve already mentioned that over here

and here

Ahh, well, my apologies!

No need to apologize! I just wanted to nip that topic in the booty because I knew it would come up :wink:

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Forgot to mention:

The “Upload Mods” section is working properly, so if any mod makers want to give it a try please do so :slightly_smiling:
If you need help or support or anything there’s contact info on the website and I should be able to help pretty quickly (or ask here, I’m checking both places regularly :slightly_smiling:

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Maybe im blind, but i have to log in to load up a mod,
but where i could registrat me?

It seems he had forgotten to provide a link to the registration page, but I found it:

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If you look at the top of the webpage, there is a “Log In” page… And I just checked it… it’s supposed to have a “Forgot Your Password” and “Register” option. SO sorry about that!! I’ll fix it right away!

thank you so much! I did forget to include it!


I’ve fixed the login page to now have options for registering and password recovery (Sorry about the confusion all :frowning: )

And thanks to @Spiro and @CrazyCandy for pointing it out!

If you guys (or anyone else) has any more trouble, please let me know and I’ll help or fix as soon as I can :slightly_smiling:

Also I’m excited to see the mods you upload! :slightly_smiling:

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2 mods uploaded. I hope it worked… dont see them yet.


Awesome thanks so much!!!

It may take a minute or two for them to populate, but I can already see them in my database :slightly_smiling:

@Spiro They’re showing up for me now in the Browse Mods page :slightly_smiling:

Don’t worry about how the pages look, I’m editing the PHP, HTML, and CSS files as we speak that format the mod pages, so your images will be shown, and it will be formatted in a much more appealing way :slightly_smiling:


UPDATE: I’ve made the mod pages better - they now display images correctly, and the comment sections are working :slight_smile:

Another update! Woo!

I’ve finished the basic editing system, so you can now edit your mod submission pages (this isn’t as robust as I’d like it to be yet, but its functional!)

Also, I’ve started to collect some information for the tutorials section of the site that should be up soon, so if you have a tutorial that you’ve written and/or recorded, let me know and I’d be happy to post it on the new section of the site :slight_smile:
Thanks for all of you who made accounts and submitted mods, I look forward to seeing what you guys submit next! :slight_smile:

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Hello again friends!

I bring good tidings in the form of an update on the website that’s become so wildly popular :slight_smile:
ProTip, if you make it seem like your site is super popular, it might become super popular. Although revealing this tactic while doing so may lessen the effect… oh well :stuck_out_tongue:

Anyways, non-humorous antics aside, I have actually made some progress!

  • I’ve updated the comment system (again) and fixed a few little hiccups there, and I’ve also enhanced the forums both in functionality and usability/user experience.

  • I’ve made a few changes/upgrades to the user functionality (your user profile), and I’ve updated/enhanced the Mod Submission process to allow you to specify the latest compatible Stonehearth version along with your mod version.

  • This added functionality is accompanied by some minor bug fixes and enhancements, the most noticeable of which is that you can now upload mods up to 32MB!! (it’s supposed to be 128 but my ubuntu servers don’t want to cooperate with me so… yeah… workin’ on that).

So yeah! Other than a bunch of miscellaneous tune-ups and fixes that’s about it for this update :slight_smile:

Thanks for your submissions, and thanks to those of you who have created user accounts on the site. It’s really encouraging when you guys participate, and it keeps me motivated to keep improving the site, so sincerely, thank you :slight_smile:

Thank you!! :heart_eyes:

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Hey thanks for the support :smiley:

Looking good, something that is bugging me a little though, is the browse mods button needs a little padding on the left. I know I know its a small thing but hey I cant help it :cry:

I think its a bit late for me to join this as well. I also started a website like this but it kinda gathered dust :cry:.

I’ll take a look at that :slight_smile: Sorry for taking so long to respond, some stuff in my personal life :stuck_out_tongue: but I’m back now so yay!

Thanks for the suggestion, what do you mean by [quote=“Tom_Erbe, post:19, topic:20572”]
I think its a bit late for me to join this as well