Integrated mod download system

Hey all,

I am very enthusiastic about stonehearth and i watched the live streams (offline cause i didnt know of stonehearth yet when they were streamed xD). In one of the live streams they went in on modding and said that they would want the downloading of mods as easy as possible.

So my idea is this. Wouldn’t it be nice if you could download and search for mods within the game (not wile playing but in the main menu). I will explain the practical issues at the end but first the layout. (i cant upload or link pictures as new user xD)

I made it with paint but it gives a good impression of how i have it in mind. I think if it looks somewhat like this it is easy to use and friendly for everyone.

When someone would select a mod on the left side it would look somewhat like this:

I noticed i forgot a download button xD.
Some things i didn’t put in but would be nice to have there 2 are:

  • search function
  • and i had a other thing but i forgot. Will add it when i get it back xD

There are a few things that must be done to get this working and the most important is that there must be a database for alls the mods. Knowing that most mods dont exceed 100 Kb max and most are about 20 kb would mean that the database is fairly hostable cause of the small files. I am not experienced on this subject so please correct me if i’m wrong.
A other thing is that its a thing that need to be programmed. Al tho i don’t think that would be the problem.

I hope you guys like the idea and i dont know who i sould tag to get this to the attention of the developers :3.
I would also like to hear your guys feedback :D.

Firstly welcome aboard! This is definitely a good idea, I’m on my mobile so I’ll keep this short and perhaps add to it in a bit.

I think perhaps the biggest issue would be the size and scope of mods … This system would work well with singular items or buildings etc. but with nearly everything in the game being moddable there are probably gonna be a lot of larger mod packs, especially ones that completey alter certain areas of the game.

I might be completely wrong but I imagine it would be more difficult to handle these through an integrated mod system, but as I said, I might be completely wrong! Good job on the layouts :smile:

Thanks :D. That could idd me a problem but i think we need to hear form the developers if something like this would be possible :3.

Yer, I think we can rest assured that as this is something integral to SH they will work out the best way for a mod platform.

I personally prefer doing these things outside of a game - I find the functionality to be better, but then you might have people who are not as confident with handling mod files etc. and find an in-game integrated system easier to work with.

There have been suggestions to use like steam workshop and nexus mods, as well as the argues against using these - so it’s definitely something we’ll have to sit tight and wait for at the moment!

Edit: [url] This thread [/url] has some discussion regarding mod layout etc.