Smodm - Stonehearth Mod Manager [Prototype]

Hello !
Stonehearth its still in alpha but there’s already mods.
So today I had this idea of making a program that tracks down Installed mods and other cool stuff like:

-List all 3rd installed mods
-Disable/Enable a Mod
-Delete a Mod
-One-click update a mod
-List of online stonehearth mods (1click to install) [this one actually can be really tricky and won’t be a core feature but its important nonetheless)

Here’s a UI prototype showing some concepts:
UI Concept

A possible way to get the data I need to show to the user:

Please note this is only a raw idea.

Firstly, I did some quick research and I was able to get some things going.

(I can’t link 3 imgs in the same post D:)

Secondly, I want to know what you guys think. Is this really worth ? Too soon ?

Thanks and sorry for my poor English.


I want the developers to make a launcher were you do this.

As with @RepeatPan’s various projects, I think it may be too soon, given the size of the community. I mean, there just aren’t that many mods - or modders - out there ATM.

It may also be redundant if etc go and do a Stonehearth section & update their own launcher to do SH mods - not because they’re good or bad so much as simply because they’re popular and already established.

As far as the look of it goes, I think the mods take up too much space - IMHO you want each mod to take up just a few lines at most, because potentially you could cram in a lot of mods into SH.


Well, if it is a good launcher it may be usefull. I rather download skyrim mods from the nexus than from steam (official one). It is way more convenient and also hugely popular.

But it is still a risk of wasted time. If you are fine with that risk I would gladly see a mod manager. An official one is still far off.

Mayby some place for pictures would be nice. It is easier to recognize the mods by pictures and icons.