Stonehearth MOD REPO/Nexus (to upload mods for download!) [No Email Validation!] []

No Email Validation required, a Mod Repo, and more!

I invite you all to join Stonehearth Kingdom!

What is Stonehearth Kingdom? What does it offer?

  • Mod Downloads/List: We offer a mod downloads area that looks slick and awesome! No bandwidth throttling and unlimited uploads!

  • Forums: The standard forums to post on!

  • Stream Area: NOW LIVE!

  • Monthly Qubicle Contest: That’s right! We hold 1 Qubicle Contest monthly with the winner receiving the Home Edition of Qubicle! (Value of $40!!)

So what you have to ask is… Why aren’t you registered yet? Click to Register


Stonehearth Kingdom has an automated news bot, delivering dev blog posts from the main site, automagically! Quite impressive, really. I suggest you check it out.

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Site Update: E-Mail validation for new registrations has been disabled for December as it is launch month! So, if you previously didn’t register because of this, then now is the time to join the Kingdom!
(The site has also been decked out with holiday cheer!) :smile:

Just tweaked the title a bit to hopefully avoid any confusion that email validation is disabled over on stonehearthkingdom and not here on the discourse :smile:

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I thought there was going to be an official mod distribution platform built by the Stonehearth devs themselves? But a good effort none the less. If you need any custom work done or any help - I can help if it’s required (on the web development side of things), as I did notice it was 100% IPS. Was thinking about doing something like this myself - But contacted Radiant via email and found out they’ll be developing their own system.

we dont know any specifics, but thats the general consensus, yes…

I received this reply to my email concerning a mod distribution platform:


Thanks Joffers :heart:

He says tools, sounds more like a mod tool rather than a distribution platform, maybe a tool to add mods to your game easily or something of the sorts.
He also says share as if it is something to download, rather then go to.

I imagine the vagueness is due to nothing set in stone right now, just gonna have to wait and see!

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Site Update: Added links in the footer to the various international Stonehearth Communities, and a link to the Wiki. Also decided to permanently disable email validation.

Site Update: Changed the color scheme, and reversed the things on the site that were there for the holidays.
The Bug Tracker is also now available for public use, you can use the one on Kingdom or the one on Guru (or both!)

I also updated the OP with new screenshots.

Also, a friendly reminder that you can upload Mods on Kingdom now, we keep mod revisions, and we also have no bandwidth throttling for everyone (unlimited bandwidth for everyone!)

Also! Please note, if you are uploading a mod and it gives you an error, please leave a reply here with the mime-type of the file you tried to upload (.zip, .json, etc)

Just to clarify, we host mods, meaning you don’t have to rely on mediafire, mega, google drive, what have you when downloading mods or uploading them!

This is best site ever! 10/10, highly recommended!

Get on it!

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I uploaded the original stonehearth.smod file for anyone who overwrites theirs without making a copy first, everything should be working smoothly on the site now!

Site Update: Downloads for .txt files have been updated. Instead of downloading the text file (usually for install instructions), the file now displays in-line on the website so you don’t have to have multiple install text files piling up on your hard drive! :smile:

To see what I mean you can download @Avairian’s or @miturion’s re-skins/mod! (the install isntructions)



Just curious, is it possible to remove your own files from the website and/or previous file versions? First time really using the site and I’m just browsing around trying to see how things work. xD Love the site by the way :smile:

Indeed it is! If you go to your download page:

Where it lists previous file versions a row of buttons will pop up (when you hover over one of the versions), and you can do what you want (Restore it, Delete it, Download, Hide from other members). Also on the bottom bar near the edit file button, a delete file button should be right next to it!

I spent the past 24 hours updating the site and making it look as Stonehearth-y as possible! It’s still a WIP so if their are any graphical errors then please tell me (more specifically for lower resolutions). :smiley:

Also on a side note, BFHDD has uploaded an Item Spawner Mod:

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