[Dev Blog] Introducing the Stonehearth Github Repository



I think this is one of my favorite blog posts… evar… :smile: :+1:


Ikr I love it! Can not wait to use the tools.

Paging @Repeatpan & @Honestabelink - they’ll be interested in this I’m sure :slight_smile: . If we can get some good modder-dev collaboration through this… well :slight_smile: …


Hooray no more
.open game
.place camp
.make stockpile
.chop trees
.promote citizen
.create job talisman
.promote citizen
.get resources for recipe to test
.craft item
realize you missed a comma somewhere and the item doesn’t have an iconic model
close and repeat until you fix everything.

My steam library says I have 60 hours of game time for Stonehearth and yet I have never really sat down and played it properly yet, so this will be a great help.


The mod gods have blessed us with a bounty of awesome.


Next stop: Fully data-driven microworlds, enabling coding impaired modders to easily test their stuff with mixintos and JSON alone.


rejoicing… :heart_eyes:

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Nice! This is great, I managed to make my own test world so I don’t need to do the whole “promote to carpenter, chop trees, build 4 beds, build mason chisel, promote mason, mine 10 blocks” routine for my mod

Is there a good tool to use to edit .lua files? I opened one of the worlds with notepad and there was no spacing, making it nearly impossible to edit. I had to copy and paste it into an online lua tester to get everything laid out properly!

Could you elaborate, for a coding-impaired modder? :stuck_out_tongue:

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With my change (which is already available at my fork, but requires some documentation to get a proper PR - not sure where though), you are able to define microworlds purely in JSON.

I’ve included the two example worlds too, but you are free to define whatever world you please. For example, this is the mini_game_world.json and this is the mini_game_world.lua. They both produce the same result, but the JSON is likely to be much easier to understand.

Also, mixintos. Your mods can mixinto these test cases easily, without needing to maintain code or anything - great for intermod collaborations/tests.