Web-based template builder?

Woot! It’s my first post! I’m so excited! :grin: Hopefully I put this in the right category… I couldn’t decide between “Suggestions,” “Modeling & Animation,” or “Modding.” :crossed_fingers:

I’ve been using the Stonehearth Builds site to download some templates and it’s been great, but as a web developer I’ve been wondering if anybody has started on a web-based template builder yet? If not, I’ve built similar projects and I’d love to dig my teeth into this one. If anybody is confused about what I mean by “web-based template builder,” think something like this. That’s a custom cutting board builder that I built for a client a couple of years ago.

Since the templates are written to JSON files, it should be reasonably simple to build one. The biggest question would be whether or not it could use the textures and models from the game. @brad mentions in this comment that it’s okay to use base Stonehearth content in mods without asking for permission, but of course a web-based tool is a completely different story as far as licensing and such goes. If anybody from the Radiant/Riot team wanted to weigh in on that issue, I’d really appreciate it.

Alternatively, I could write it as a desktop app. That way it could automatically pull models and textures from the game and mods, which would mean it’s using content that the user already has a license for.


I hope you do make this, though with how complex building can be, it might be simpler to just make a “world” for the Microworld mod in which you can lock/unlock different categories of crafter recipes. Sure, you’d still have to run the game to make templates, but you’d be able to do it outside of your normal worlds and have full access to recipes.

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