Modding The Stonehearth Graphics Test v2

Here a new thread for the second version of the Graphic Test. I thought a new one will keep things clear. I am currently looking at the world generation algo which can be found in the stonehearth.smod\stonehearth\services\world_generation\world_generator.luac. It is really interesting. For everyone new hear to read the .luac files you need to decompile them. Here is a small tutorial: Klick here for the tutorial!

@Radiant Since you let the ocean out of the algo do i have to implement it on my own :wink: It is already in the code so why it is not used by the world generation? I am just curios :stuck_out_tongue:

So let the fun begin! Happy modding everyone!

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We’re withholding water until we have a better sense of how we want it to work gameplay-wise. We don’t want it to just be aesthetic.

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@sdee Thanks for the info. So TerrainType.Ocean = 0 is currently a placeholder?

After a first look I am not sure if there is much more to be modded (apart from the terrain generater) than in the first Graphics Test :disappointed:.

Quick question, I see some java script. Is the Java only for UI?

@Skull24 Yes, JavaScript, HTML and CSS (LESS) should be for the UI.

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Thanks for answering the question.

@voxel_pirate Yeah it’s not much but i can learn from it and it’s a small training for the alpha :wink:

Sure, go ahead and learn… so I know whom to bug once I am stucked :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:. Once I am done with the next update of the Blender Add-On I might join you… let’s see.

I love the world generation texts, very reminiscent of the SBurb startup.


I love them too but they remind me of Anno :slight_smile:

I found chop_tree file. You think you can make the chop some trees?

@Skull24 Currently not possible. The file was also in the first test.

Here my first “mod” on the new test:

I like the red progressbar :grin:

And the city as background is also nice :stuck_out_tongue:


Oh yeah, I forgot that. I’m tiring to replace all my humans with soldiers.

did you update the progress bar color, or the bar border as well? i have yet to run the test (stuck on my laptop)…

either way, nice progress bar! (which, when you think about it, is an odd thing to praise)… :smile:

Thanks :wink:

To change the color of the border you have to change a image and for the inner part you have to change the color in one .css :wink:

I’ll work on a working decompiled folder later, at my mac currently so I can’t yet. As for the loading bar have you located the list of messages yet or should I look for that as well? Just think it might be interesting to see them all.

@Xavion Here the full list of all messages:

   "loading_map": "Generating World",
   "loading_map_1": "sharpening right angles...",
   "loading_map_2": "decompressing voxels...",
   "loading_map_3": "synthesizing fauna...",
   "loading_map_4": "redistubuting redistrubutables...",
   "loading_map_5": "terracing terrain...",
   "loading_map_6": "stocking piles...",
   "loading_map_7": "inflating trees...",
   "loading_map_8": "rising sun...",
   "loading_map_9": "floating clouds...",
   "loading_map_10": "burlying hands...",
   "loading_map_11": "bushing berries...",
   "loading_map_12": "confabulating childhood...",
   "loading_map_13": "resolving determinism...",
   "loading_map_14": "cubulating companionship...",
   "loading_map_15": "existentializing dilemmas...",
   "loading_map_16": "improvising morals...",
   "loading_map_17": "splining reticulators..",
   "loading_map_18": "diversifying gender...",
   "loading_map_19": "homogenizing motivation...",
   "loading_map_20": "deriving history...",
   "loading_map_21": "indexing bugs...",
   "loading_map_22": "compiling truth...",
   "loading_map_23": "recollecting marbles...",
   "loading_map_24": "effecting mass...",
   "loading_map_25": "experiencing higher math...",
   "loading_map_26": "proliferating flowers...",
   "loading_map_27": "escaping realism...",
   "loading_map_28": "positioning plushies...",
   "loading_map_29": "regulating hairbobs..." 

i thought for sure the phrases were randomly generated, mashed together words of awesomeness… makes for a much larger supply of names to display…

still, “homogenizing motivation” is all sorts of awesome… :smile:

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modded the terrain (seed 1337) :grin: