Modding Stonehearth's Graphics Test Program

As @Xavion has pointed out, you can mod the Stonehearth Graphics Test rather easy.

Let me present to you my first (very basic) “mod” I have ever made for Stonehearth :wink::


  • Changed model and size of the tree
  • Activated a hidden animation (warm hands)
  • Changed look of male worker
  • Translated some text into German

All required graphics are shipped with the graphics test, just requires some moving / re-naming of files and adjustments in the .json-files.

Great to finally get at least a small playground… although it makes me more impatient.


Now to try swapping out models for your own, see if you can’t get a pirate scene going or something. If I manage to get through this mess of compilers, system compatibility, and opcode references it will likely become a lot easier. The only “modding” I did was to create giant teleporting lightning rabbits.


@Xavion Chaning models should be no big issue. Although some things seem to be hard coded and not all .json-files are processed, the models and animations are. I am just finishing a short video on how to adjust the graphics test progam (with some credits to you :wink:). After that, I want to use the information we have now to “finalize” and test out my Blender Add-On. If that works, it should be pretty easy to add an own animation.

P.S. Just changed the name of this topic, more to come :wink:.

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great work :thumbsup:

And here it goes… please be very aware that everything is subject to change in the final game. Actually it is obvious that some things are hard coded for the graphics test, so modding at the moment is much more cumbersome than it might be later on and requires some work-arounds for the time being.


Here is my Creation :grin: :


@Alesfatalis … hm, so you have replaced the bunnies with bunnies… interesting. At least you could dress them up a bit :stuck_out_tongue:.

@voxel_pirate Sure just testing around a little bit :slight_smile: Can you export this model as .qb for me? warrior.qmo (18.0 KB) I want to try something with it. Maybe you also have a house in .qb format?

@Alesfatalis I am not so happy to export models for others, as I respect that Qubicle has implemented here some limitations for a reason. However, I will probably create another .qb-file this weekend for people to play with. Hope that will work for you, too.


omg… early playground for us, and some official files!!!
If only my computer would run it… maybe i’ll try with a virtual machine or with wine in linux…
Keep up the good work, @voxel_pirate :smile:
I’m curious about your blender add-on.

@voxel_pirate I understand this. I would love to play with your .qb file. Maybe when things are getting serious i am going to buy qubiccle.

Interesting. It looks as if the characters are really just the head and arms stapled to the clothing. So I assume that you’d only have to replace the body/arm files within the male_1 file (for example) to change the variant (only 14:51 in on the video currently, so you may or may not talk about this later)

@Alesfatalis thanks for understanding it. Also Minddesk is a small company and deserves some love. Hopefully Radiant will find an agreement and there will be a Stonehearth-Edition for all modders. Will try to work on the .qb-file still today.

@Paranundrox yes and I think also clothing works like that, i.e. relevant body-parts are exchanged. However, it seems like for the graphics test some things are hard coded and not all the .json-files are processed. So editing the look is a bit more cumbersome now compared to how it will be with the first playable release.

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Yeah, I noticed you had to try to find a few workarounds. Your workers may not be able to breathe, but at least their hands are pretty dang warm!

You can also customise the current animations. They are safed in .json format. For each frame the position of each body part is safed. So an animation looks in .json like this:
"type": "animation", "frames": [ { "root": { "pos": [0,0,0], "rot": [1.0,0.0,0.0,0.0] }, "bodyPosition": { "pos": [0,0,7.5], "rot": [1.0,0.0,0.0,0.0] }, "pelvis": { "pos": [0,0,7.5], "rot": [1.0,0.0,0.0,0.0] }, "torso": { "pos": [0,0,10], "rot": [1.0,0.0,0.0,0.0] },

So for custom animations from blender we need an addon which converts the frames in position coordinates. Maybe @voxel_pirate already is building something like that as mentioned above?

@Alesfatalis that is exactly what my small little add-on does :wink:. However, so far I still had some questions on the format, etc. so I have to adjust it now prior sharing. As I see it at the moment, the add-on needs to allow the export of a skeleton-file (with coordinates of each body-part) and of an animation file (with position and rotation). Maybe I can do this also rather fast, but there might be still some things unclear… let’s see.

@voxel_pirate Hey, thanks for the great video. There is an easier way to unlock the “warm hands” animation. I saw it in the files you were showing in the video. In [Install Folder]\mods\stonehearth\mixins\base_human\base_human.json line 16 “stonehearth:idle_boredom_effects” there is an array of idle effects and you can add the “idle_warm_hands” to that array and the people will randomly warm their hands.

What I think this means is you could add more complicated animations to the people by adding it to their “idle effects”. Even walking to another point or dancing, etc…


ok, my hats off to you @voxel_pirate, and all you other pioneering modders… we’ll done!! :+1:

@Ramcat a good eye you have. However, if I add the animation in the list, the program does not run anymore. Seems like there is also something hard coded which prevents adding additional animations at the moment. In general changing something results in quite some crashes.

Inspired by @Alesfatalis I would like to share a .qb-file with everyone who wants to start playing around a bit but does not have the Home or Master edition of QC. You can download it >> here << and try it out by yourself.

If it goes right you might end up with something like this (but only with one of the two changes you can see here :wink:):

P.S. A short clip to show him in action.


How did you change the color of the grass?