Modding Stonehearth's Graphics Test Program

@Miturion under: stonehearth.smod\stonehearth\renderers\terrain\config.json

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words simply can’t adequately describe my completely hetero feelings I have for you right now @voxel_pirate:heartbeat:


Here are my animated soldiers. They use same animations as humans. Sorry for the shaking:

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many thanks for ultra quick reply :blush:

That was fast and took you less time than me to create this bloody .qb-file @Alesfatalis :wink:.

@SteveAdamo there will always be a corner in my stone-hearth for you :smiling_imp:.

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you learn quickly @voxel_pirate… I see good things in your future…

Actually it is really “easy” to change things… even at this stage with a version which was probably not built for this purpose and without guides. I think it will be not too challenging to add new items, adjust their values and required resources. Even adding new animations does not look like rocket science.

Let’s see how it will be with the Lua-part.

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just for the record, I wasn’t referring to your modding prowess… but I agree with your comments… :wink:

@SteveAdamo Can i publish the content of all .luac files? So everyone can see how stonehearth is working?

I can add the “warm hands” but nothing else. I don’t get crashes but the additional animations are ignored. The “warm hands” works fine and is randomly selected like “look around” and “sway”. I’ll looking to see where or what might be needed to add an additional animation. Unfortunately it may be hidden in the “luac”.

what would happen if you replaced the .json information for the ‘breathing’ idle animation with the .json for a different set of animation parameters?

@Alesfatalis this are the binary files, right? So actually you would have to apply some reverse engineering to read them. As they will be accessible in the final game, this program is not really ment to be modded and it is just a few weeks until the “beta” starts… my stomach feeling is that you should keep this knowledge for your advantage at the moment and you should not share it already :wink:.

@Ramcat yeah, I have messed around with my installation quite a bit. I already thought that I might have broken something :disappointed:. Thanks for trying it out.

@Paranundrox I guess you should be able to include with this approach any animation you want. I’ve did something similar in my first try (prior Ramcat’s hint on how to do it nicer). Will play around with animations a bit this weekend… maybe I can get one in tomorrow :wink:.

@voxel_pirate Yes they are binary files but i changed that. By example the contents of stonehearth.smob/lib/micro_world.luac :wink:

Sure, you can change it, the question is if you should (share it) :wink:.

I tried to modify the micro_world.luac to make the world bigger and i tried to place more humans. I see it like a challenge. But publishing the whole source wouldn’t be fair against the Stonehearth Team so i will keep it secret :smiley: I’m just playing with that micro_world :wink:


if I had to guess, radiant probably wouldn’t mind… but in the interest of cya, it would be best to hear something official…

having said that, I’m monumentally impressed with your work! :+1:

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Why did I have to be away from home when this was released, so many ideas, can’t wait to get home and have a fiddle around with this myself.

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@voxel_pirate One question about the did you sliced it in different bodyparts or did you just exported it from qubiccle?

The model is “sliced” and consists out of several body parts (similar to the worker outfit). Actually it seems like the engine is blending the body parts and that the cloths have a higher priority (which was also mentioned being like that in one of the streams). However, behaves a bit strange if this is really the case. E.g. if I leave the helmet empty, the head is not simply taken from the base model, but you will see an empty helmet. Also the .qb-file does not include fingers… but the model has some. Probably requires a bit more investigation.

I was wondering how to open the files in the stonehearth/mods folder, the .smod?