Any Modding basic guides/tips for Stonehearth?

Hi, I’d like to get into modding a little. Didn’t really search for anything yet thinking it would be better to get some help from someone here. So if you know about any modding guides or tutorials please link them to me. :slight_smile:

Also any tips etc. would be apriciated since I’m total begginer at this.

I’ve found this to be a pretty decent start:

Thanks, I’ll take a look at it. :slight_smile:

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waiting for this to be expanded :slight_smile: Art Workflow

Beyond guides: unpacking stonehearth.Smod (its in the mods folder in stonehearth)
And just looking at ALL THE THINGS already helps. Json are just text files, bare minimum what I’d advise to view them is notepad++ (I still do it thst way). Qb files are the model files