Teach me to mod 😊

How to i create a mod, I tried to create one for game BUT it’s not easy when i am being sent to a random page without knowing what to do.

Teach me how to Mod please :blush:

hey there @xX12Dominus12Xx … welcome aboard! :smile:

there are quite a few talented modders on the discourse… im sure someone will take up your call! in the meantime, have you browsed the modding forum? there are quite a few helpful threads that should get you started on some small projects… :+1:



Hi @xX12Dominus12Xx

As @SteveAdamo already said there are a lot of mods draw from here, many talented people indeed :smile:

The thing I found most useful in addition to looking at the existing mods was opening up the stonehearth.smod in the mods folder as if it was a zip file and having a “snoop” through the files and structure, if you’ve played the game enough it should make a weird sort of sense :smile: .

You can see the results of me doing this in one of my posts where I’d posted a spreadsheet of the contents of most of the .json files where you can filter by each file type (say the jobs or the names) and see what is in that “set” of files. You could achieve the same by opening each of the files and looking through, but that gave me a headache after a while so I made the sheet to make it easier for all :smiley:

If there is some specific problem you are having I’ll be glad to try and help as I’m also quite new and learning as I go, mainly thanks to all of the excellent work already available.


To get a first idea you can also watch one of my older videos on YouTube (link in my profile… cannot post from phone, sorry) and take it from there.


Somehow, randomly i found your youtube account by typing " How to create you own mod " :smile:

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Teach yourself! :smile:

My suggestion is to start off with simple stuff, i.e. adding an item. You can create model files with Qubicle or you can use StoneVox (free, found on this forum)

Adding them is straightforward. This thread got me started on modding:

Ideally, someone should make a dedicated post with the basics of adding a new object to the game!!

Other tips:
When modelling, take a pre-existing model similar to what you’d like to add and change it up.
Start small - maybe add something simple like a bucket or a fencepost at first, then work your way up from there.

Haven’t had a look at @voxel_pirate’s vids, but I hear they’re great… Maybe some weekend youtubing for myself if I have spare time :blush:


In addition to this, my own tip is to look at other people’s mods, preferably some mod that’s simple (reiterating on what phector2007 said) and similar to what you have in mind.

There are plenty of mods around in the forum that just adds a recipe, you’d download one of them and try to copy it for your own mod (just be sure to understand how the mod’s doing it :wink: ).


This could be usefull, I dont like complex starts like on Roblox the scripts. :blush:

Why is this so hard, :cry:

Another point I want to add.

You don’t have to know programming to mod, You can quite easily make something without even touching Lua or JavaScript. However, you should really know how Json works. It’s really simple though so there’s no need to spend hours to get acquainted with it.

This gives you a good introduction on how it works. You should keep this in mind too, it’s a great tool if you’re unsure whether any of your json file is valid or not.


Intresting. I think this is going to be more like scratch >:3

Or maybe i just need someone to show me how to in real life.

Well with .json files, you aren’t writing any real ‘code’, you’re just entering data - names of objects, their attributes, and values.

If you break down something that already exists and try to understand it, you’ll see its not that daunting – actually pretty easy!

Try the tutorial I posted above, get a basic item working, then play around with it from there by looking at other files in Stonehearth. You can do this by going into the ‘mods’ folder, then copying stonehearth.smod, renaming it stonehearth_copy.ZIP, then extract that to create ‘mods/stonehearth’ folder from which you can see what the game files look like.

Lets say you begin by making a decorative item, you can expand by looking at how equipped items work. Or, you can look into how effects work. Or you can even look at how to create new resources, plants, and crops.

Just try to keep the json format correct - basically, count {all {of {your {curly brackets!}}}}
Also, as @Drotten has suggested, use www.jsonlint.com to make sure you’ve written it all out correctly.
If it isn’t working, have a look at /stonehearth/stonehearth.log to see what’s messed up

Best of luck, now go get experimenting!