Water & sky color changing

Hello Everyone!

I was wondering if anyone out there (Including Devs) would be interested in writing a section of code that will allow biome modders to easily change the color of the water and sky. in their mod.

I know currently, this stuff is hardcoded in lua, but I do believe that someone with some super-coding experience can probably solve this.

As you all know, Stonehearth is an awesome game, and the ability to edit a biome .json file makes it super easy to tinker with. (in my opinion, and I have little coding knowledge.) This limitation right now is the most annoying part of biome editing to me.

Any feedback would be appreciated!


Tough crowd. I expected more feedback…

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hehehe i actually thought this would get more feedback aswell Cody :smile:

If noone else, i will grant you some thoughts on the matter!

I would love to delve into the biomes or other modding for that matter. I have tried and failed. I have some big trouble with understanding the code and how it functions.
So at this point i am heavily reliant on other modders to help me get my models and ideas coded… It kinda stops my flow of creativity.

If the developers or a modder could make a system that made it easier to mod, i would back up the project 100%

It could even just be a guide, that actually explained why the code do what it do?

I bet that @BrunoSupremo could have some thoughts on your subject? (Just tagging you bruno because of the biome related question)

Thanks :slight_smile:


its probably on the back burner while they adjust the lighting and shading, so the whole rendering process is getting overhauled somewhat. idk why you want to change the color of the sky anyway, you can’t really see it most of the time

It’s really not to hard to pan to the edge of the world, or just zoom to a nearly straight angle. And there’s also some ambient light (though it was really only based on the sky and time of day in that lighting prototype.)

I’d use it for a mod I want to work on. It would be helpful for making biomes completely out of this world.

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I agree that the Dev’s need to make it easier to mod. A Biome maker program would be awesome. I know it’ll never be made, But one can still hope. A template guide would be awesome as well!

I’m figuring that @BrunoSupremo most likely has the solution to the problems. I find his work astonishing. I’m currently reading (skimming) the code for the Archipelago Biome, in order to get some much needed answers for other problems I’m having.

I would love to see a .json file that can be written into a biome manifest, that makes lua read the water and sky colors from the .json file. I think you’d probably have to write in the parameters that colors are selected for the biome mod you want it in.

I’m currently in the process of making a Corruption biome, inspired by Terraria. It’s going well. I’m slowly modeling dead trees, and on living ones I’m going with purple foliage. Like I said, It’s going slowly, I don’t get a lot of time for it. The problem is, blue water doesn’t give me the feel of what I’m going for. I’d LOVE to have a vivid green water & sky. But the code for this is beyond me.


I like the idea of corrupted biome. I can already imagine the Ascendancy be like "there’s no land we can’t tame! Even our farms will flourish here!.."
though I fear of what manner of crops they’ll grow there… oh, and I worry for their health too :sweat:.

Oh and speaking of green water, the swamp biome’s water is green. Check it out of you haven’t :smile:.

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The swamp has water color changes.
Frostfeast has sky color changes.

I was going to make a post suggesting some changes in the mod api that would easily allow this. It is here stored in my PMs for a few days already, I just need to format it to avoid it being a pure wall of text and then I can copy and paste it to a post.


you mean the water that glows in the dark and has no shading for depth or time of day? :sweat_smile: I see nothing wrong with it