Mod Idea! - Sky Realm Biome

Ever wonder what it would be like to own a town in the sky, well here my mod idea!
It includes little, and big islands to settle your towns on, rivers will also be there where they drip off the island and into the void, adds new templesAdds new trees, new mobs, like cloud enemies, and giant eagles that you can tame as a pet.
also adds a new ore maybe, like a metal found in clouds, of course your hearthlings cant go outside the little islands in the sky.
Heres what it would look like:

Any thoughts to what anyone might add to it, its just a mod idea and i love having new biome sin stonehearth it would be great if any modders would take it up!


There is a proof of concept somewhere about floating islands, with a custom terrain generator that part is definitely possible. It wouldn’t be a simple mod and as far as I understand it wouldn’t be compatible with other biome-altering mods (or at least not other ones which alter the terrain generator… I’m not quite sure of how it works, but @BrunoSupremo would know and is good at explaining this kind of thing.) But it would definitely be possible to have a map based around floating islands.

Unfortunately the current water tech doesn’t allow for infinite waterfalls flowing off the edge of them, though, since there’s no way to replace the water which flows off. It’s something that’s planned for the future, but we don’t have any timeline for expanded water features just yet. Once we have source blocks and drains/sinks which can destroy water, we’ll be able to do all sorts of awesome construction involving things like waterfalls and aqueducts.

New trees, animals and ores are all fairly easy to create, so you may want to look at the StarterMod and use it as an example/template. Anything that you can “copy and paste” from the vanilla (unmodded) game, with a couple of tweaks to make them unique, is a great place to start out with. There are plenty of modders who are happy to help out with advice and assistance, so I’d fully encourage you to try it yourself :merry:

As for the temples, you can either add new building templates or you could possibly add some new enemy camps as a way to spawn the temples in. Or, you could even make the temples into large terrain features (like how the bunny statues work, or Bruno’s rock formations in the Canyon Biome mod), although I believe they use a smaller scale than the terrain and building construction so you’d probably have to use a trick to make them match up – it shouldn’t be hard, you just need to make sure that the models are scaled up to be the same size as a building made from “building voxels” rather than “item voxels.”

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that trick, i think, is adding a scaling to your item. For how that works, you can look at trees, which I believe are also scaled differently than other items.

Ah, I don’t have my prototype anymore. (actually, I’m not sure if I ever had one)
I only have this one, which I was not focused on have floating terrain, was more about the colors. I then turned it into a rainbow road biome, lol
(Not intended to be a real biome, it was just one more of my tests. The purple was not all solid before, not sure what changed)


Just giving out an idea, i don’t know nothing about modding Stonehearth, let alone any game.

I have high expectations from this, Nah jk , This is gonna be Gold.

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