Desert Transition Temperate (Multi biome map)

This adds a new biome to your biome choices.
This one is actually two biomes in a map! Your map will have both desert and temperate!


desert_transition_temperate.smod (1.6 MB) :ballot_box_with_check: for alpha23

:warning: Place the downloaded file in your stonehearth/mods folder.

Here’s what you will see in it.


  • If you dig in the temperate area, you will find very little clay, but if you dig in the desert you will get much more clay.

  • The desert area is the only area with rocky mountains, so if you need stone or ores, that is your best place. While in the temperate you will find a lot of trees, plants and bushes, and ocasional lakes.

Hope you like it! :jubilant:


All assets are from the desert and temperate biomes (from Radiant), including the images, which were edited from the originals.


This is really cool and personally I prefer this over the current way biomes work.
Oh also this type of biome creation will really be needed for when multiplayer.

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I wish I had had this a long time ago. Great work! :+1:

Have fun, Kyth.


That’s awesome. i think the next multi-biome should be temperate into ocean, like half temperate half archipelago islands.


nice touch… overall, very well done, good sir! :grinning::+1:


wow, this is amazing! now i’m torn between wanting this as the official way of doing biomes and the current way of doing them :stuck_out_tongue:


I think this style of map making would be more future proof, it would be easier to work with when multiplayer is incorporated.

Very good work, sir. Keep up the greatness!

Very nice, I had been wanting something like this. Now I have it, Thanks very much

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This is a revolutionary change in world generation, and there’s transition between bioms to make it natural, so cool.

I wonder, if it is possible to mix a different ‘biome type’ in a certain area of the map. Something like a swamp inside the forest map or a larger, green oasis in the middle of the desert.


That is a great idea!

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First of all, thank you guys, I’m glad you liked it.
But let’s clarify here a few things. Long explanation text ahead!

I’m under the impression that some of you think I developed some kind of multi biome tec (sorry for the misleading tittle). I didn’t. This is a very hacky approach.

Biomes in Stonehearth (for now) works mainly based on elevation. The base height is always plains, then we have a few steps of foothills, and last some steps of rock mountains.

What I did was similar to the Archipelago biome. In that biome, the base height (plains) have a lot of water (this creates the ocean) and the grass from that height is colored like sand (there are your beaches). Then the foothills has normal grass colors. This gives the impression that we have different terrains (green islands with sandy beaches), but in the end is just all grass with different colors.

Here is the catch though. We have only 2 grass options, one for the plains and one for the foothills. In the temperate they both have the same green color, but they are not the same block. The same thing for the desert, their plains and foothills have the same color, but are different grass blocks (colored as sand).

For this biome, you will notice that we have 3 main floor colors!(green grass, not so green grass, and sand) That’s because I actually went ahead of this limitation of two grass blocks and add a third one! So, in the plains we have the common plain grass, colored green. In the foothills we have the common foothills grass, this time colored as a little yellowish-green.

The trick here is that I changed the world generation only for the second (higher) step of the foothills. So instead of using the foothills grass block, it will now use the new block I created, which is colored as sand.

Having a new block also had the bonus effect of having its own loot, different from the other grass, That’s how in the desert you can mine a lot of clay and in the grass you can’t.

I also added a new dirt block, that is used under the sand blocks, so when you mine a hole in the desert you also gets more clay, while the common dirt from the forest area does not give you much.

So, in short. This “multi biome” thing is just a hacky that uses different colors for each elevation of the map, as in the Archipelago. But this time not a simple recolor, but actually a new block.

This is why it is incompatible with Archipelago (and Canyon) biome, they both changes the same world-gen files in the game, but the Archipelago ends up taking precedence, and doesn’t let this biome files load.
(It is possible to make them compatible, but it will require an update from the Archipelago)


Thanks for the technical insight into this. Very interesting. :+1:


awesome. I was actually going to suggest something similar for a mod (zero coding skills myself). Multi-type biomes.

Ops, got stuck writing that post and forgot to answer a few things from you!

With the techniques used here it would be possible to make the temperate have some beaches and a big ocean. But the ocean would not have small islands… This would require deeper changes.

I hope not :wink: , this is too hacky. I guess for that they would eventually modify the current generation

Thanks. Happy cake day Iviaca!

It is possible, but not with the way I done. It requires other changes.


Here is a (WIP) town I made with this biome

This is the far out shot

My agricultural center

the small town

The trading post, still under development

and the giant rabbit that we have fenced in. It has remained non-violent, but we might plant some carrots around it to better our chances.


I should decrease the pine tree rates at that elevation… Should have being mostly acacia and oaks.

Interest choice of location, you went for some kind of oasis. While testing this I always picked a map that offered exactly half forest half desert.


well there was a lot of acacia and oaks, but I chopped them down and left only the pine trees since those are the only ones that I could not grow. I reforested in Acacia, and had just started to grow oak trees after getting the acorns from the trader.

The whole center portions of the oasis was filled with trees, and a zillion (well a lot) of cactus flowers and silkweed. These picture skews the perceived ratio of pine to the others.


Is this mod already usable for A20?

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