Canyon Biome mod

Hi everyone. This adds a new biome to your game. The Canyon, with red rocks, scarce vegetation, flat tops and deep valleys with rivers running through.


:arrow_right: Steam Workshop::Canyon Biome

If you can't use Steam, then (and only then) click here for a manual installation

:warning: Place the downloaded file in your stonehearth/mods folder.

Here’s what you will see in it:


  • Rivers running through the bottom areas.
  • Bones and skulls through the map, decoration only.
  • Rock pillars and arches, can be mined for stone, clay and minerals.
  • Themed animals and objects, like recolored Rabbit Statues (dropping stone and clay) and desert animals (imported from the desert biome) like foxes, varanus and poyos.
  • Main resources are clay and stone, few wood.

Hope you like it! :jubilant:

  • Art from the selection screen is an edited version of the desert biome art (from Radiant)
  • Rabbit Statue recolored by @Kittyodoom

YO! This is exactly the kind of biome I’ve been looking for and I never quite knew how to put it in words!!! This is absolutely perfect for Rayya’s Children and getting those nice Pueblo style cliff settlements.

This is great! I’m trying this out as soon as I possibly can! Dude. Dude. You’re amazing and ily :heart_eyes: I’m so exciteeeeed!!! Eeeee!!!


if only the tops were green something like this could be build

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That’s a good idea, I will later see if I can add grass to the tops while keeping the rocks walls. That will require some .lua changes though.


did not expect it to be easy. Maby easier to have all the land raised with lower water source :slight_smile:

So, I tried adding grass on top of the canyons, and was relatively easy, but the results… Bleh. Maybe I had bad colors, I don’t know.


Looks promising, though.

coloring is bad yeah, but it is a good start. Did find the arctic biome file being unused in the biome map from stonehearth. Try’d lowering the amount of mountains and it seemed nice although lacking coloring.

Now that there is grass on top, maby some more water so you get sort of fjords

Looking great!

Might I suggest that you set the grass to have a height cap? Just like how the mountains in the Drakwald Forest biome ascend from grassy hills to rocky peaks, I imagine you’d get a really nice effect if you limited the grass height to, say, 3/4 of the way up the cliffs. That way, you still get some grassy tufts and ledges; but the main top-surface would still be a red desert sort of look.

Some sandy patches along the canyon floor would probably be another nice touch – dried creek or river beds, tying back to how the canyons were formed and giving a semi-desert “canyon floor” section. That would allow for reasonable placement of RC staples, maybe even some acacia trees. If you add long, thin lakes in the sandy patches, that might even create a nice river effect.

Wherever you go with this biome mod, I’m very excited to see how you’re playing around with the terrain generator. Anything is possible in theory, but someone has to be the first to figure it out… and hopefully, creations like this will keep inspiring more of the same :slight_smile:


Maybe having less and random grass?

Or like Yeti suggested, having it up to a specific height only, then just rocks above that point?


just added it to my translation :wink:

personal meaning: i think gras only in the canyon is the best way because in all canyons i know there are no gras on them - only some spare grasses xD but i think the color differences are little bit to much - a little bit like lsd xD


Lol, well, I based my colors from this palette: canyon color palette - Google Search

Any suggestion is welcomed. I’m not an artist and I suffer with aesthetics… All I know is that I liked the red theme, but of course it can be adjusted.

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I love this! I did a similar thing just playing around with colors when RC dropped to see if I could make painted hills. I really like how you played around with the way the world gens though.

maby taking a more brown in your red mix. Like the terra color can get from a dry lite color to a dark wet color. It looks a bit to much seperate layers. Maby having some more space between the mountains. That will give enough space for all plains related needs. It creates a bit more space for water sources, which are a bit deeper so you could make them bigger in a shape you would desire. I take it a small stream in between rocks would other wise not really be reliable in the map spawning.

Perhaps taking the terrain color from the raya people will match the rocks better then grass.

im also not the artist xD for this i have @Kittyodoom xD but she will be not only for a while - i can only look if i can find something xD i think the colorlevels are great but it should go smoother from bright to darker …

how much levels are in there? looks like the hill on the cliff are restarting? ^^

There is only 5 colors, and 8 rock layers. I used only 3 colors from that palette and make other 2 by mixing them (average color between)
I’m going to try adding more colors between to easy the transition

hmmm 8 colors should be enough - im testing now ^^ what do you need hexcode or rgb or hsl?

for hair its normally hex ^^

I added colors between the existing colors, now this is the palette. I need to test in-game to see if it looks better


edit ok after render i see last is to dark so mom xD

new try codes edited


would give it a bit more red look :slight_smile: