Working Mods for Alpha18


Sooo for all unstable players - here are the working Mods for unstable A18

if someone has update his mod - please pm me then i can add it to the list - also if you need help with the update (for the biomes and some mods i have already helped xD)

Thx @Giant for pointing me to more usable mods :smiley:

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So basically all the mods you help with and then a few others?

Giant round of applause for @Wiese2007!
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actual only my own mods and two other updated from own hoster and two im helping out and host them xD


any idea when @froggy’s stonehearth cafe will update?


i think that shouldnt taken long :wink:


added tuhalu, smart-crafter, Homf and the reworked spiromod window+door+architecture mod


added better stockpiles


Thanks for great list :slight_smile: !
Gonna check out a few of em