Alpha 16 updated to release-552

A few fixes for our latest release.
Live now on Steam AND Humble Bundle.

(And now… on to A17!)

Bugs fixed

  • Fixed bug that could cause hearthlings to go idle
  • Fixed bug that caused additional workers not to work a mining zone
  • Fixed error when trying to attack enemies that were just killed
  • Fixed bug that caused cleric not to heal injured hearthlings
  • Fixed bug that caused sounds to stop playing
  • Fixed UI error when opening/closing crafter workshop window too quickly
  • Updated iconic forms for the knight and footman helms
  • Updated icons for the knight’s buffs and perks
  • Trapping grounds can now be placed in the mountains

Thanks, Radiant :slight_smile: Keep it up!

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First issue i get is that i cannot swap items in the crafter’s menu’s ques around anymore. Anyone else experiencing that?


For Translators:

No Changes :wink:

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Yep. Can confirm. Looks like a bad refactor maybe. You should submit a bug report, just in case. :wink:

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This is my official report :wink: okay… @sdee no idea if you are the right dev, but you came in mind first. Please consider the bug with not being able to move orders in the crafting menu reported. :smile:

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Seems like I’m still getting a max of four workers on a mining zone.

We’ve pushed a patch to fix the workshop bug. Thanks @linda!