[DevBlog] Alpha 20 updated to release 700


As always seems to be the case — even with stable releases! — a few bugs have reared their ugly little heads and mandibles since Alpha 20’s foray to stable.
We have dutifully squashed said bugs, and made some additions as well.
The Stuff in This Update

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed starvation not working.
  • Fixed UI not updating cramped thoughts.
  • Fixed UI issue in thought summary stacks.
  • Fixed meal thoughts removing too many stacks.
  • Fixed an issue with patrol parties deciding not to patrol certain objects after a while.
  • Fixed save/load issue with recuperating-related buffs.
  • Fixed an issue with hearthlings mistakenly being carried.
  • Fixed an issue with hearthling tombstones being placed far away from where they die.
  • Fixed hearthlings interacting with shepherded animals.
  • Fixed hearthlings not talking to animals that were moved to a new pasture.
  • Fixed a building regression that occurred when placing roofs.
  • Ignore building-related entities when using the clear command.
  • Add default baseline happiness for mod compatibility.
  • Updated tooltip wording for raw food thoughts.

Other Changes

  • Add hearthling morale introduction screen.
  • Hearthlings will not regenerate health if they are starving.
  • Hearthlings no longer regenerate health if they are starving.

For Translators:

No Changes :smiley:

Is it me or are the last 2 points the same thing just worded differently?

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  • They’re pretty much the same thing.
  • They’re also more or less the same.

I’m confused to what actually changed in here. It also mentions

  • Add hearthling morale introduction screen.
  • Add default baseline happiness for mod compatibility.

But we already have that…


At least they didn’t remove herobrine every release like minecraft is these days…

Maybe they just added to the previous release notes? Forgot to get rid of the old things.

Edit: Or, they forgot to add them to the last one when they actually added them, so they threw them in here.

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