Steam Latest Updated to release 692/693

Hey Everyone, we’ve just updated Alpha 20 on our Steam latest branch.

This new update gets you:
Combat units express emotion while patrolling
Fixed UI flickering issues
Added interactions b/w farm animals and hearthlings
UI updates to character sheet
Fix a bug regarding adding roofs to buildings with interior walls

Thanks to Chris, Malley and Linda for the improvements! :smiley:


For Translators:


  •            "display_name": "A carrot" -> changed to Carrot
  •            "display_name": "A Turnip", -> changed to Turnip
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Probably for the best. I remember the days when you could see your Hearthlings complaining about “having to eat this A Turnip again” in the corner of the screen. :stuck_out_tongue:


Little Update to 693:

Combat safety thoughts now work properly
Add a better happy-patrol-walk
Fixed a bug w/ the logger
Tweak hearthling happiness to be more responsive to new thoughts


Awesome. Thanks for the update, ladies and gents