Steam Latest Updated to release 695

Moar Alpha 20 (unstable) fixes! Keep those bug reports coming!

Most Recent Update

  • Fix starvation not impacting health
  • Fix a building regression that occurred when placing roofs.
  • Fix incorrect target happiness calculation when some thoughts added multiple times
  • Add hearthling morale screen to introduce players to the morale system
  • Hearthlings will not regenerate health if they are starving

That’s right you pesky hearthlings! You will now die like you’re supposed too! Mwah Hah Hah!!

(Exclaims Ogo)


the morale system really makes the journals that much more interesting, I hope its expanded further to include more detailed commentary by the hearthlings


I was shocked to see some of my H sad, but then I looked into it and found they are generally sad when they are threatened by monsters (civilians, injured soldiers etc). So now it makes more sense to intercept aggressors before they reach your more peaceful parts.
Also, I found the effects of monster invasion more or less short-living (about a day or a half) which is good. I was worried that I have to put all of my resources to rectifying situation, ignoring progressing and building construction. Instead I’ve found out I just have to play safer and care about my H more. Town Alert mode helps a lot.


For Translators:


  •            "026": "Your hearthlings don't like being in cramped spaces for too long.",
             "027": "Farm animals can reproduce if there are at least 2 of the same animals in a pen." -> added
  •                        },
                         "happiness_intro": {
                            "title": "Hearthling Morale" -> added


  • .thoughtBubble {
    position: absolute;
    background: white;
    z-index: 5;
    border: black solid 2px;
    border-radius: 2px;

.bigBubble {
left: 7px;
bottom: 95px;
width: 10px;
height: 8px;

.smallBubble {
left: 14px;
bottom: 84px;
width: 6px;
height: 5px;
-> changed


Don’t know if was before like this or not, but I find it odd that the harvest task is under hauling. Shouldn’t it be linked with Job for a worker? Referring to the check box management screen.

So far seems fair from what I played of it. Will probably check out more later.:slight_smile: