Steam Latest updated to develop 3131

Alpha 18 moves closer to the finish line!
Herewith some upgrades as well as new bug squashes.


  • Update microworld mod to work with latest version of the game
  • For modders: Add resource_loot_table support to stonehearth:renewable_resource_node component
  • Improved UI load times by a little

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a game crash on return to main menu and loading a save from within a running game
  • Fix for a lot of hearthlings having the same hair styles
  • Fixed ring tesselation not showing up in newly generated worlds

For Translators:


  •             "030": "sheering sheep...",
             "031": "percolating brain..." -> added
  •            "001": "Your hearthlings will get a better night's sleep if you provide beds for them.", -> changed
  •            "012": "Resources and Food do not contribute to your town net worth.",
             "013": "The curiosity attribute increases experience gain.",
             "014": "Fine items have a higher net worth than their normal versions.",
             "015": "The net worth of an item is its sell value.",
             "016": "You can use a tunnel door to block off your mining tunnel entrances.",
             "017": "Don't want your hearthlings to leave town? The Engineer can make a lockable door.",
             "018": "Settlers with a high Mind attribute will make good crafters.",
             "019": "Place food stockpiles closer to work areas so it's easier for your hearthlings to access food.",
             "020": "Trappers can set traps in the mountains and the desert, but there are fewer critters there.",
             "021": "You can disable a combat class's job in the Citizens panel to force them to take a rest from fighting.",
             "022": "Mining dirt in will occasionally yield clay and stone.",
             "023": "You can visually see ore veins in the side of mountains.",
             "024": "Need a starting food source? Move Berry Bushes or Prickly Pear Cacti closer to your town.",
             "025": "After defeating the Goblin Chieftain, you can claim Bluebell the sheep as your own." -> added
  •      },
       "new_game": {
          "title": "New Game",
          "normal_game": "Normal Game",
          "peaceful_game": "Peaceful Game",
          "normal_game_description": "Adventure forth in a world fraught with danger. Your town will be subject to raiding enemies.",
          "peaceful_game_description": "A sandbox mode where you're free to build your town without worrying about invaders.",
          "create_game": "Create Game" -> removed
  •            "flavor": "To achieve an ideal standard of living, find safety in numbers. --Mysteries and Proverbs, V" 
              "flavor": "\"The red hints at a mystery, allure. What lies beyond yon red door?\" -- Ember Iskender, Dept of Applied Poetry"
             "flavor": "'It's a door. What more could we possibly say?' --Joni Iskender, Marketing Apprentice"
             "flavor": "'Can you make the hole a bit smaller? The point is to see who it is without giving away that I'm home.' --Vara Tenter, Irate Customer"
             "flavor": "Amazing, honestly, that it comes apart again."
             "flavor": "'Cut off his hand? For theft? What would be the point?' --Talidor Roq, Knight of Mysteries "
             "flavor": "\"Lets in the bugs, but at least not the really big ones!\" -- Drenkar Iskender, Ex-Marketing Associate"
             "flavor": "Reminicent of a vine-covered treehouse window, faded into memory",
             "flavor": "\"No but really, where is this dye coming from?\" -- Farah, Professional Bugcatcher" -> added