Steam Latest Updated to develop 3116

Alpha 18 continues its path to release!
This will be the last update on the unstable branch (for now!) until the team returns from PAX (next week).

###Here’s what’s new this release:


  • A loading screen with text now appears when loading a saved game

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed gold not counting towards net worth
  • Fixed storage UI not displaying number of coins correctly for gold
  • Fixed a bug where saving while a building is being demolished will cause infinite dust on load
  • Attempt to more aggressively remove placement ghost objects that were at the edge of the world

For Translators:


  •         "placement_tags": {
            "turret": "Turrets",
            "trap": "Traps"
         }    -> added
  •         "initial_load_game_text": "Loading Game", -> added

got a message pop-up at game start up telling me there was something with the mods. It basicly told me that stonehearth was updated but he would still use the unzipped version and that it would cause bugs :slight_smile:

Yeah, that’s because it prioritizes the unzipped version. So you should delete that one and unzip the new one.

It’s a mechanism that Yang introduced some builds ago.

i’ve know of it for a while, but its the first time i got an ingame message about it. Found it nice so I thought i’ll share it