Steam latest updated to release 698

We’re almost there! Today’s release is our likely Alpha 20 stable release candidate, but we’re going to put it out there as an unstable release first… just in case. If all goes well, you’ll see Alpha 20 stable really soon.

In this release, you’ll find a passel (ooh, fancy word!) of bugfixes, including:

Fix recuperated hearthlings not getting out of bed until fully healed
Make thought duration localizable
Update thought descriptions for spacious and cramped thoughts
Fix hearthlings not restocking containers that are no longer full after selling items
Fix some hearthlings prioritizing item placement over their jobs
Fix hearthling still being assigned to a bed after the bed is destroyed
We’ll see you on the stable side!


For Translators:


  •         "days": "d",
          "hours": "h" -> added
  •         "space": {
             "spacious": {
                "display_name": "Spacious Environment",
                "tooltip": "There's so much open space around here. It really makes me feel at ease."
             "cramped": {
                "display_name": "Cramped Environment",
                "tooltip": "I'm feeling rather cramped. I always have to watch my step not to bump into anything."
             "very_cramped": {
                "display_name": "Very Cramped Environment",
                "tooltip": "This place is suffocating! There's barely room to breathe!" -> changed

I wonder what “the bed is destroyed” means (since we currently can’t destroy items).

I would assume it means that when we order someone to pick up a bed with an owner, then it will correctly say that that hearthling no longer “owns” a bed. So it makes it much easier to track who owns a bed when you start shuffling around and upgrade to comfy beds.

What makes you think so?
Has the people gotten so used to debug tools that they don’t use the in-game tools any more? :cry:

This was a bug that, when a bed with an owner was destroyed (with the Clear tool on harvest menu), when you clicked on another bed to reassign, the owner was listed as if he still owned a bed (but that bed no longer existed). So it made difficult to know who actually had a bed assigned and who didn’t.

And yes, if you undeploy an owned bed the owner still persists when you deploy it again, but if you use it to craft a comfy bed it gets unassigned (since it’s a new / different item).


Shame on me.
Although it would be good to reset owner on undeploy (but retain on “move” command).

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Don’t cry, I do not have the debugtool mod on.
Be happy, I am using only the standard tools :smile:


Alpha 20 released! Yay!

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