Steam Latest Updated to develop-2865

We’re now into the “shakedown cruise” phase of Alpha 15, and some new improvements were just added on our Steam Latest (unstable) branch. Please keep testing, and post your observations on Discourse.

Here are the fixes for this release:

  • Enemy placement code bails correctly when there is no good location for enemy
  • Various building dependency fixes
  • Goblin chieftain no longer asks for partial logs
  • Significant performance related building fixes
  • Fixes to scaffolding location
  • Crafter queue max is now 30
  • Cooks should farm
  • Traders no longer sell or offer giant bone axe
  • Fix bug where people are stuck in ground briefly on load
  • Workers will no longer restock logs in lit firepits
  • People can no longer walk over firepits
  • Fix issue assigning tasks to hearthlings
  • Hitting cancel combat action twice no longer wedges footman AI
  • Add stacks to non-food crops
  • Farming is now higher priority than placing items
  • Tweaks to growing speeds
  • Improve performance in combat
  • Shop’s gold will update properly even when game is paused
  • You can now inspect a hearthling’s AI via debugtools even when the game is puased
  • Make sign recipe descriptions consistent
  • Add clay tunnel door
  • Footmen now have the correct tasks when loaded with job unchecked in Hearthling Therapist

Love it. Nice work, Radiant


Good job, Radiant. Constant updates makes me happy to tell friends about this game…I might even do a random gift when I get cash just to contribute :-).



On a more serious note, I’d really like to thank Radian for getting the A15 builds running so much more smoothly. Ladder engineering isn’t totally dead, but I’ve been able to push my Hearthlings so much further with so much less manual work and I don’t feel like I have to save before making any change in building design any more.


For Translators:


  •      },
       "clay_tunnel_door": {
          "clay_tunnel_door_ghost": {
             "display_name": "Clay Tunnel Door",
             "description": "Useful for sealing off mine tunnels"
          } -> added
  •      },
       "wooden_sign_cook": {
          "wooden_sign_cook_ghost": {
             "display_name": "Cook's Sign",
             "description": "A sign with the mark of the cook"
          } -> added
  •         "wooden_sign_cook_recipe": {
             "description": "A sign with the mark of the Cook.",
             "recipe_name": "Cook's Wall-Mounted Sign"
          "wooden_sign_herbalist_recipe": {
             "description": "A sign with the mark of the Herbalist.",
             "recipe_name": "Herbalist's Wall-Mounted Sign"
          "wooden_sign_inn_recipe": {
             "description": "A sign marking a place for rest and revelry.",
             "recipe_name": "Inn Wall-Mounted Sign"
          "wooden_sign_potter_recipe": {
             "description": "A sign with the mark of the Potter.",
             "recipe_name": "Potter's Wall-Mounted Sign" -> changed

Nuuu, my giant bone axes!


Good job :slight_smile:
Love playing it

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